Teage “The Miner” Isla

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Teage had his first wrestling match of the season last Saturday and WOW….he far exceeded what anyone was hoping for, including himself!  The practices leading up have been hit or miss for him.  It’s been super cold, the group is … Continue reading

The End of the Season

The end is upon us with boy’s basketball. The championship game was Saturday afternoon and these boys rocked it. The 1st and 2nd place teams battled it out on the court and the Okinawa Suns came out with the perfect season (8-0) and the bragging rights as the Champions of Youth Sports Basketball. JD was really excited and we were so proud of him. Here are pictures from the game…

-practicing before the game-

-the final score-
-walking the court with Coach Morris-
-champion shirt-
-team photo-
gift from the coach, champion tees-
-JD called the cheer, “getcha head in the game”-
-Teage wanted to be just like JD-
-Sissy was so proud of him-
-Proud Daddy-


Way to go…..

I’m really glad he followed through with being on a “team”. He is such a self-entertaining boy that we weren’t sure if he would jump into this type of thing with everything he had. But, the coach and the teammates rallied around him and made him feel like a major part of the team. It was so amazing to see those boys take JD under their wing and engage with him. Whenever JD would sub into the game, they always tried to make sure he got passed the ball (so what if he ducked a couple times and kicked it another time…he eventually got the idea that he was supposed to catch it and pass it off, hee hee). I am so happy for him and that he got the experience to do this. Suns Rock!! Now that this is over, he will continue with his choir and piano lessons. He excels in these areas and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

In other news, the FRG had its annual Chili Cook-off and it went well. Hats off to those that made chili and to those that won…two of which are friends of mine (left and right…go Brian and Angel).

What a weekend!!!

As if the happiness exploding from my body wasn’t enough…I received my anniversary gift from George!! Take a look-see…

I love it!! I can’t wait to have an opportunity to really use it to its full potential…of course after I read the massive booklet it came with. :o) My hubby definitely scores in the gift giving dept. Thanks babe!! Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I will get out soon and take a few test shots to show everyone what that baby can do!!

Next week, is the AFAP conference. I will be working three days this week at that. More info to come. Talk to you soon….Love Ya!!


Well my Saigie had her first game Friday night cheerleading and it was really great to see her having fun with it. The coach is kinda spazzy and I assist her when I can get a word in…so in light of that, they still did good. It’s cool to watch her cheer because she is nothing like I used to be back in the day. She is like the laid back cheerleader and she loves to be the base girl (the one on the bottom in stunts) so she can use her strength rather than be all dainty. I was the opposite. I like her mentality…She doesn’t care what people think and is always trying to help. She had a little trouble remembering the words to all the cheers (she wasn’t the only one though). And when it came to the halftime routine, she rocked it with her cartwheel and dance skills (those she got from her mama LOL). Check out my little cheerleader…

Although the team lost by three points that night…those girls cheered their little hearts out. Way to go missies!!!

I also went out to supper with some friends to celebrate my birthday. It was really nice of them to come together in spite of it being so close to the Holidays. When you come from a family of five children who all have birthdays in December…you learn to not get all geeked up about your birthday. But these guys really helped me realize that my day was important, too. Thank you for putting everything aside and being a friend to me especially when I needed it. I really appreciate it. Here are the girls and I…

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everybody!! Love Ya!!

Extra Extra…read all about it!

Well, we started the weekend off Friday by driving home and finding a Japanese maintenance van on FIRE across the street from our house. I mean on fire like you see in the movies. Not sure how it all started, but thank God no one was nearby or worse…in the dang car. I ran inside to grab my camera so I could prove that crazy things really do “just happen” around me. The Fire Dept and MP’s were quite fast in getting there and so the car next to it only caught on fire a little. I was worried about it causing an explosion so close to where people lived. Here’s the burning vehicle…



Crazy huh?

Anyway, that same night was George’s BN Holiday Social. I was a little reluctant to go at first because of the fact that I have been so drained and stuff and in need some serious downtime. But we went (George needed to represent for his soldiers) and we ended having a really good time. And maybe the dinner wasn’t worth the $25 each we paid for it…but, the drinks made up for it :o) . And as predicted, the electric slide was the first song to play and I went there. The girls and I were in rare form as we pretty much dominated the dance floor and the photo ops! Check it all out…

I started going the wrong way I guess…I am always the odd one out!

Here come the group shots…

George was in the eggnog baby bottle contest…he’s got skills!

Later that night…
Yes, it’s karaoke time again…
Good friends…Good times to be had!
Next…JD had his first baskeball game Saturday. Let me preface by saying that JD is no Shaq (although he does have Shaq shoes…thanks Grandma!), but he wants to do well and loves being on a team. He’s number 15 and if you need to ever pass him the ball…his hands are always up. We’ll be working on the body blocking at the next practice. We were so proud of him for his first time. Plus…they won by double the points!! Here’s my star…
Teage wanted to run out on court as you can imagine…so we took it outside the gym for a bit.

And lastly, here is my boy in action. I hear the Heat calling…


Love ya…