What is FRG?

So…many of the people I know outside my military world, don’t really have the exact idea of what I mean when I talk about the FRG. The Family Readiness Group is a “team” of people that provide support and assistance and communication among its Family members, Command, and Community. It consists of the Command, a Soldier Liaison, an FRG Leader and his/her Committee Chairs and of course all the Soldiers and Family members. My role as an FRG Leader has given me internal pride not only because it just feels good to give back, but because of the Families I have helped to become resilient. When I think about how many Spouses have come out of their shell and actually “experienced” a military life because of the FRG, I realize it is all worth it. I don’t do it for the glory and it’s definitely not for the pay…I do it because its MY contribution to the Army. I live a pretty fabulous life of traveling, proud patriotism, and a secured income all because of the Army. What better way to show my appreciation than to help other Spouses become self-reliant, especially during deployment times. BUT, there is the occasion that you can run into that “Army Wife”…you know, the one that likes to talk all about her husband’s rank and job and is always trying to get the scoop about people’s personal business. These ones need the FRG the most (at least what I’m passing down). Being demeaning, snooty and self-centered will get you no where when it comes to being a successful Military Spouse. Besides, I will just dismiss you if you persist on making it awful for the rest of us. My job is to squash that nonsense and create a “team” who looks out for one another. I have absolutely met my share of crazies and know-it-alls and I take it with a grain of salt. I remember that I am doing something they will never do….I am making my life even fuller than it already is. When the time comes that I am no longer an FRG Leader, I will always volunteer somewhere for the Military because it allows me to truly visualize the potential my heart can give. Thanks for bearing with me as I sat firm on my soapbox for the last few minutes. Here are a few tips I go by to successfully make things happen for my team (my creed if you will):

Remember spouses have no rank
Get involved!
Encourage all-ranks activities
Meet regularly
Keep updated Rosters
Keep information flowing in both directions
Get to know the other spouses
Ask questions, offer suggestions, volunteer!
Be yourself and have fun!

Would you believe that this is even necessary to say? You would think it was a given. Unfortunately it’s NOT. I love my fellow fab five and the fact they do know this! This goes out to my FRG girls…thanks for what you do!!

Miss you Sheila…