Shi-Shi or Shi-Sa?

Let me just preface by saying that “back to school” week has been pretty relaxing. Ahhhh-silence is golden. However, I did take the big kids to a Shi-Shi Dog making class. I filled out this random drawing at the Community Center on the Air Base, and I WON!! I love free craft classes. So I was wondering about the whole Shi-Shi versus Shi-Sa name. What is the correct name of these lucky twin lion-pups? I looked it up…

A shisa is a lion originally from China that wards off evil spirits and was initially placed at the entrances to castles, temples, imperial mausoleums and communities. “Sheshi” is a Chinese word meaning lion-dog. The second “shi” is a popular honorific title in China with no specific meaning. As a result, this word is pronounced shisa or shishi in Okinawa’s local dialect.

So I guess either name works for Okinawa. I say Shi-Sa…it’e even on my shirt if you can read it. We had a great time making them…especially since we had the whole room and instructors to ourselves. The Okinawan ladies were real sweet and didn’t speak a lick of English. They were real good with the kids as well.

I also went on yet again…another field trip with JD. Man they have a lot. Actually, I enjoy it. The kids are funny to be around. They do some of the craziest things. We went to Comprehensive Park and did a field day type thing. There five rotations, kickball (talk about old school, I was all over it), basketball, playground, relay races, and soccer (I watched that one…). I am only gonna share a couple pics…my fave is the one of JD in the relay race doing the hula hoop jumprope. That boy’s got some height in his jump. He’s like a dang gazelle :o)


BTW, we are still awaiting word on what is happening with our PCS move. There are people here who are still trying to get the extension paperwork overturned…but we are still moving forward with plans to leave this summer!!

They say if you send out subliminal messages, people can “will” certain things upon themselves. I am trying not to get ahead of myself…but as a woman, that is what we do! We plan, pre-plan, plan some more and research everything known to mankind about our futures. I think I, along with many others, have now mastered this art of the PCS move. It never gets any less anxious though…feel free to send out your very own subliminal messages for TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA!!! Ok I’m done!! Hope you all had a great weekend. Love Ya….