New Year Antics

Happy Happy, Joy Joy….

Another great start to a new year…2009 is already looking fabulous! The reduced time at work for George during the holidays has been really nice and yet I also find myself wanting to strangle him here and there, too. Kidding aside…I must say that I am going to miss the family freedom we have had while there has been no school (for me or the kids) and limited work in Army world for the past two weeks. We have been sleeping in, staying up way too late, tooling around town, and of course enjoying some yummy food (you know the holidays are all about the good food). But, as we know all good things come to an end and come Monday, it is back to business.

In spite of that reality, we thoroughly enjoyed our New Year’s. On the eve, I met up with some girls and did some shopping and coffee. Later on, we did the family thing…going to dinner and then a movie followed by burning things in the backyard.

Teage fell asleep right around 11:30. Poor kid, he tried to hold on.

Saige had to babysit so it wasn’t our normal eve without the both of them. We did have sparklers and crackers waiting for her when she got home.

Thursday we spent checking out a few places off base and ended up at Tobaru Koen Park. What an awesome place to take the kids. So far it is the longest roller slide we have seen here. The roller slides ROCK and with a scrap piece of cardboard…you might as well be downhill skiing. We spent the whole afternoon there and had a blast.

OK, so I thought Poquito was going to pass out….look at his ears! He is NOT happy about this.

Saige was cold so she decided to “rest”.

Actually, it has been kinda chilly the past few days. I welcome it for sure. It’s comforting to be able to get all bundled up rather than sweating your a$$ off on a daily basis. I hope it lasts a little while.
After our outdoor adventure, we came home to prepare for company. Some friends came over and I finally popped open my champagne bottle. Good food and good company…always works!! Of course there was some Wii laced into that visit.

Overall, excellent week!!! Now if I could only find a way to get someone to take down all the holiday decorations for us. That means it’s over right?? Can’t we just keep it all up til Valentine’s Day???
Well, next week I start seeing someone that’s gonna train me towards my workout plan. I am officially ready for some life changes….and lookout b/c I clean up real nice LOL!!! Catch you later…Love You All!!

Okinawa World

I had the opportunity to go on yet again another field trip with Saige this time to Okinawa World. It is a cultural learning recreation area/park. It had all the traditional Okinawan art practices (weaving, pottery, glass, & the sugar mill) there is also the Habu museum and a cave to explore. The Habu is the local venomous snake here and I am officially scared of it now. I have never seen one until this trip, but I heard stories about it’s “bee sting-like” bite and how people don’t realize it’s a habu until their tissue starts to erode. I am already a snake-a-phobic as is and this did not help. I jumped out of my pants more times than I would like to admit. And wouldn’t you know that the kids were all about it!! I will go on more about that later. The cave was what you would imagine a cave to be…dark, wetness, and slightly cooler than the outside temp. I realized when I walked down those steps that I shouldn’t have worn my fee fops!! Here is my group in the cave…

We went outside and explored the area and came upon this cool wood carved shisa dog.

Saige and Kenzie stood by the real deal which was much bigger obviously.

We also came across some turtles that were just chillin for no apparent reason. I love turtles…
I enjoyed watching them make the Ryuku glass there. These guys work really fast. In a matter of 5 minutes I saw him make two of these.
While we were eating lunch, we heard the Eisa dancers beating their drums outside. I rushed out there because they are so neat and I love to hear them get all riled up with their performances. I had never seen this size drum before…it was awesome!!
So it was inevitable that I finally had to make my way to the Habu junction. They had a “show” where they obviously brought out a habu for everyone to see and then he assumed we needed to see it’s teeth and venom…

I did not need to see that and that picture was 10x optical zoom by the way. No surprise I was in the farthest row back. These habu do serve some good by being an addition to making sake. There was a distillery there where they concoct this traditional alcoholic drink. This is their fate…

The kids were freaking me out when they volunteered to go up on stage and cradle the Burmese Python. What brave souls. I tell ya, I was so far back that if it had started squeezing I might have had to meet up with teacher with one less kid. LOL! Serously, is this really necessary??

I had a good time overall with the kids and on the trip. It was nice to hang with the bigger kids for a change. Of course they think they’re bigger than they really are, but good kids.

I have to end the post with a recent pic of baby Camille. She looks so gorgeous with her pinky bow. Kisses to Camille…