Labor Day and Saying Goodbye

Well we successfully made it through the long weekend and getting George off to TX. We had a BBQ on Sunday and it was surprisingly low-key and fantabulous. Everyone was on their best behavior and it was very chill. I busted my heiny on the grill the whole time (you know this whole “George can’t cook thing is getting old”) but everyone enjoyed the food since there was nothing left practically. And then to top it off, right around 9pm, there were fireworks going off right off the base which we had a beautiful view of. I had to debo a pic from my neighbor Tara since I was too busy to take pics…thx girl! Teage was scared of them…which was funny because he is such a fearless dude. But they were a great added bonus!

So anyway, this past week has been filled with accommodating George and his Battle Buddy in getting some last minute modules done before they headed off this morning. They had 31 to do and by no means were they short. So it has been late nights and a lot of detouring the kids so he could get them done. All I have to say is those dang modules were causing problems in my marriage LOL. But he got them done around 9pm last night and had just enough time to pack and make a few phone calls and the next thing I knew Teage and I were waving bye to him on the sidewalk.
I think it’s awesome that he’s going to TX cause then he will get to visit the other Isla Familia and that beautiful nephew of ours…Joaquin. He is one of the cutest little men I’ve ever seen. And yes I am slightly jealous, but I know George will make sure to take lots of pictures. And he might even get lucky and get a chance to meet baby Camille if she comes early. Gotta love the babies…

Anyhoo, this was just an informational blog…not many pictures this time. I will be putting up more in the next few days as me and the kids do some mommy bonding time together. Plus, I am full steam ahead into my classes again this fall. I enjoyed the summer off, but now there’s no hiding. Psych and Speech are pretty easy so I am glad that is what I am starting with. Miss everyone and kisses to all…Love ya!!