Life is good…

Well, it’s the weekend…another long one I might add. It’s funny because the past 2 months seem to be filled with holiday weekends for either the guys or the kids. It has been nice even though certain things have trumped my gym plans a couple times. But no fear I am still trucking along and making up for missed time. I’ve lost inches for sure and am feeling strong in general. I like it!! There are some changes going on over here…a couple of our good friends are leaving within the next month or two. I really hate this part of being in the military life…saying goodbye to the people we have come to know as our second family. Farrah and Julie….I’m gonna miss them. But, we’ll always have each other’s backs!! These are some great girls…

As with every goodbye, there are new people that arrive to take their place (in the job or in the FRG). I always hope that there are one or two that are normal…it’s like playing roulette really. Usually, I am quick to see true colors easy. On that note, we do have a new military wifey that has come to Okinawa. She is sweet and down-to-earth…thank God!! We had a little get together at the BC’s house to officially greet them. Here they are…

I like her…and him, too. I look forward to getting to know her even more than we already have (that girl can sang some karaoke lol).

Here’s the chaos that ensued towards the end of the night…notice the weirdo guy in the back. Had to do it Stu!!

Good Peeps…

Teage has been quite the little photog lately. He has a knack for taking pics and actually knows how to work the camera. I see a scrapbook in his future. Look at this one he took of his dad…

That is hilarious!!!

Saige has been doing well…babysitting a lot (she enjoys having her own money to buy the things I won’t buy for her…which is pretty much like multiple itunes cards, junk food, etc). But she has also been saving a little from each job. She’s pretty good about wanting to keep her money instead of it burn a hole in her pocket. I just went this past Tues to see her collect her honor roll certificates for the past 2 quarters. Once again, my kids are freaking awesome!!!

I’m also posting some pics from her last game…via a neighbor’s camera. Look at my Saigie being a strong “base”. She is the strongest girl on the squad!!

And she has mad cartwheeling skills…

Plus, she is way too cute for her own good :o)

I’m really proud of her overall and she is growing up so fast. I remember when she was just my little ball of personality…

I guess she still is….

Hope all is well with everyone!! Love Ya!!!

Double Ones and HO HO HO!

Well, it’s official I have a new tween in the house. JD reached double one status and really enjoyed his birthday week. I brought a cake to his class to share on Wed. He got up in front of the class as they sang the song and then he graciously bowed and repeated “thank you very much everyone”. It was adorable. That night we gave him the choice to pick anywhere he wanted to go for dinner; choices like Teppanyaki, Chili’s, the Marina….my boy picks McDonald’s (which wasn’t one of the options…hmmm). Go figure! He’s like wimpy…He loves his cheeseburgers. So we went (man I wanted Teppanyaki) and after we came home, he opened up his presents from us. He had a board game thing going on since we are trying to get him more involved in “group” play. He always wants to play alone and so we keep trying to break that up a little more and give him opportunities to interact with others in play. He’s doing well with that so far. So here we are all playing one of his games…the Dr Seuss game he was eyeballing in the PX a few days back.

And of course, Teage was doing everything JD was doing…
On Sunday, we capped off the celebration by taking a few of his friends to lunch, mini-golf, and to see the flick “Bolt”. They had a great time and it was very stress free, which is something I needed after this long as heck week. Here’s the Birthday boy…(can you spot the 2 year old?).
Lunch was funny…as you can see!
Cake time!!
And then..the mini-golf challenge!!

OK…so I forgot to mention that while we were eating lunch (about 15 minutes into the party), Teage decided to empty his whole drink onto his lap…hence the pull-up!! How cute is he though? But wait…he lost his ball in the frog’s bottom?? This picture screams a topic for one of those motivational posters!! “GOLF…Who said it was boring?”…I don’t know!

And here’s all of them…sucked into the tree.

Hippo’s are fun…ask Saige!

More presents. YAY!

And front row at the movies. Nice floor…must be a pastime for the kids to throw their drinks in excitement.
He had a great time…Thanks to his buddies for making it a special day!

On top of that and amongst a plethora of other things…the FRG hosted it’s annual Christmas party for all the Families and Soldiers. It was a great success. I was in charge of Santa pictures and the picture frame craft. Check out my kiddies getting their Santa on…

And the FRG Leaders…

And last but not least…this is what the Holiday Spirit is all about!! Hands down!

Love Ya!!!

Forgotten Photos

I forgot to add some new photos from the past week or so. Here they are…

My Teagie so peaceful when he sleeps…AHHHH!

We went to the PX last weekend and they had Teage’s favorite nightime cartoon fix…

We also went to a pirate expose last weekend and JD was all over it…Teage not so much…Saige was peeved I made her get it the pic. LOL!

JD was on the Honor Roll first quarter, Woo Hoo!!

And lastly, the Single Soldier Thanksgiving had us all pooped!!
Love ya!!!

What is FRG?

So…many of the people I know outside my military world, don’t really have the exact idea of what I mean when I talk about the FRG. The Family Readiness Group is a “team” of people that provide support and assistance and communication among its Family members, Command, and Community. It consists of the Command, a Soldier Liaison, an FRG Leader and his/her Committee Chairs and of course all the Soldiers and Family members. My role as an FRG Leader has given me internal pride not only because it just feels good to give back, but because of the Families I have helped to become resilient. When I think about how many Spouses have come out of their shell and actually “experienced” a military life because of the FRG, I realize it is all worth it. I don’t do it for the glory and it’s definitely not for the pay…I do it because its MY contribution to the Army. I live a pretty fabulous life of traveling, proud patriotism, and a secured income all because of the Army. What better way to show my appreciation than to help other Spouses become self-reliant, especially during deployment times. BUT, there is the occasion that you can run into that “Army Wife”…you know, the one that likes to talk all about her husband’s rank and job and is always trying to get the scoop about people’s personal business. These ones need the FRG the most (at least what I’m passing down). Being demeaning, snooty and self-centered will get you no where when it comes to being a successful Military Spouse. Besides, I will just dismiss you if you persist on making it awful for the rest of us. My job is to squash that nonsense and create a “team” who looks out for one another. I have absolutely met my share of crazies and know-it-alls and I take it with a grain of salt. I remember that I am doing something they will never do….I am making my life even fuller than it already is. When the time comes that I am no longer an FRG Leader, I will always volunteer somewhere for the Military because it allows me to truly visualize the potential my heart can give. Thanks for bearing with me as I sat firm on my soapbox for the last few minutes. Here are a few tips I go by to successfully make things happen for my team (my creed if you will):

Remember spouses have no rank
Get involved!
Encourage all-ranks activities
Meet regularly
Keep updated Rosters
Keep information flowing in both directions
Get to know the other spouses
Ask questions, offer suggestions, volunteer!
Be yourself and have fun!

Would you believe that this is even necessary to say? You would think it was a given. Unfortunately it’s NOT. I love my fellow fab five and the fact they do know this! This goes out to my FRG girls…thanks for what you do!!

Miss you Sheila…

B2SB and the week leading up to it…

Well, I have had one hell of a busy week and now that it’s Sunday, I feel like I want to just crawl into bed and stay there on this rainy day!! Anyway, back to reality…we ended up doing some interesting things this week. Monday, I took JD bowling with the moms and kids from a new group I joined called “Moms on Okinawa”. There are meetups scheduled and you can just show up with your kids, meet some new faces and give the kids a mini adventure. I think I will try to start going to more of these…it was fun. JD was playing with the camera…
Wednesday, JD and I (Saige had her last day of DEFY on this day…I was missing my girl) went with a friend Brooke and her son JG to the little water park about 10 min from my house. It was my first time there so I didn’t know if it was a place I could keep up with the camera, so I left it in the car. BUT, I realized it wasn’t that serious so we will be returning real soon with all the kids in tow and take tons of pics…so be on the lookout.
Thursday, the kids painted their pottery trays they had made last week and they turned out AWESOME!
I love crafts!!!
In between all these activities, I was planning the Back to School Bash (B2SB) for Saturday with my FRG girls. We ended up giving away about $500 worth of free school supplies and prizes. It was awesome. Every child left with something and it felt good. Shelia would have been proud….except for the times when the kids would come up to get their prize and not even utter the word “Thanks” or look slightly enthused with what they were being given. That was a bit disappointing as far as parenting is concerned. What happened to teaching kids to be humble and appreciative?? It threw me off…Good thing my girl went up there with a big smile and happy to get her Army book bag. Not to mention that she won the grand prize (an Ipod)…she was on cloud nine since she seems to have misplaced hers recently. (I say misplaced because I am still in denial that it could be gone) She scored either way, positivity breeds good karma!!
JD was all about the games. I had to almost force him to start playing at first, but once he did…he was all over it. Here he is doing the water balloon toss and the sack race. Good times!!

Do you see him??

Here’s my Teagie and George walking up…George had just rolled in from a 24 hour softball tournament.All in all, the day was a success and my kids had a fun time.

One more weird question…is a banana’s well being really this important??? I found this absurd contraption at the Yen store (dollar store) and was standing there in amazement. Who knew??

Catch you up on next week…soon! Loves