Egg-stravaganzas and Forests to Boot

The weather has been playing tricks on us lately and it has been quite chilly over here in sunny, tropical Okinawa. The breeze has been nice to me, but to some (meaning my cold-natured hubby) it has been “freezing”. Freezing, really?? Nah, they just don’t remember how scorchy it gets in the summer here. I am SO enjoying the coolness.

On that note, Spring Break started as of yesterday afternoon and we kicked it off with our Battalion Egg-stravaganza! Loaded with egg hunts, races, games, food, and prizes…the kids had a fab time!! Our whole family decided to fully represent the Unit and dressed in the traditional Signal Orange (George wanted to be different and wore his blue Battalion shirt instead…it reminded me of the Gators, so big ups to my cousin Charlie)!!! Check it…(you can click on the pics to get a better view)…

Egg on a spoon race…

George and I planning our strategy for the 3-legged race
We also spent the next day taking the big kids to Forest Adventure. You have to be 7 and up, so thankfully it was Teage’s last day at preschool before his Spring vacation. So, what you do is book a time and drive up to this building which I assume is just a receptionist office. Next, they shove you in a van and drive you up this shady mountain and then drop you off at a wooden deck. After following the signs, we stumbled on a little cabin with a Japanese man smiling and harbessed. He gave us a quick safety lesson on our harnesses as they are adjusting it around my nether regions at the same time. JD kept telling the man “I’m gonna be a hero on this adventure”. It was cute!

So, once we were all strapped up, we received another lesson on how to hook our carabiners up at each station and sent us on our way. Now let me just say, the ground was quite a distance from where my feet were at the first zip line. But, I had faith that my pulley was going to hold me since my son was practically shoving me out of the way to go first. If he wasn’t scared…I shouldn’t be right?? NOT! Talk about getting a sudden fear of heights. But, we pulled through…for all 8 or 9 zip lines!!



It was very exhilarating. Another part of the course was an adventure course that featured various rope bridges, ring walking, ladders, tightrope walking, and the…wait for it…Tarzan Swing! This thing was my ultimate nightmare. You might as well call it bungee jumping horizontally. Thank God there’s a huge web-like net there so when you smacked into the stopper it wasn’t too much of a jerk. I felt like a fly on a flytrap out there. Nevermind the terror in my stomach as I free-fell to my unknown demise. Talk about intense. George, however, thought the kids and I were quite humorous!! Insert screaming as you view these! (Oh I forgot to mention, JD was screaming alright, but it was his Tarzan yell…just like the movie) We had a blast….

Yeah, that’s me…Upper and lower!



Stay tuned for more of our upcoming Spring Break adventures!!! Love Ya…