Birthday Spirit Week

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School (for the kids and I) is officially kicking my heiny!  September is always such a crazy month and once again, I am doing everything in my life at the exact same time!  I know multitasking is not the way … Continue reading

Double Ones and HO HO HO!

Well, it’s official I have a new tween in the house. JD reached double one status and really enjoyed his birthday week. I brought a cake to his class to share on Wed. He got up in front of the class as they sang the song and then he graciously bowed and repeated “thank you very much everyone”. It was adorable. That night we gave him the choice to pick anywhere he wanted to go for dinner; choices like Teppanyaki, Chili’s, the Marina….my boy picks McDonald’s (which wasn’t one of the options…hmmm). Go figure! He’s like wimpy…He loves his cheeseburgers. So we went (man I wanted Teppanyaki) and after we came home, he opened up his presents from us. He had a board game thing going on since we are trying to get him more involved in “group” play. He always wants to play alone and so we keep trying to break that up a little more and give him opportunities to interact with others in play. He’s doing well with that so far. So here we are all playing one of his games…the Dr Seuss game he was eyeballing in the PX a few days back.

And of course, Teage was doing everything JD was doing…
On Sunday, we capped off the celebration by taking a few of his friends to lunch, mini-golf, and to see the flick “Bolt”. They had a great time and it was very stress free, which is something I needed after this long as heck week. Here’s the Birthday boy…(can you spot the 2 year old?).
Lunch was funny…as you can see!
Cake time!!
And then..the mini-golf challenge!!

OK…so I forgot to mention that while we were eating lunch (about 15 minutes into the party), Teage decided to empty his whole drink onto his lap…hence the pull-up!! How cute is he though? But wait…he lost his ball in the frog’s bottom?? This picture screams a topic for one of those motivational posters!! “GOLF…Who said it was boring?”…I don’t know!

And here’s all of them…sucked into the tree.

Hippo’s are fun…ask Saige!

More presents. YAY!

And front row at the movies. Nice floor…must be a pastime for the kids to throw their drinks in excitement.
He had a great time…Thanks to his buddies for making it a special day!

On top of that and amongst a plethora of other things…the FRG hosted it’s annual Christmas party for all the Families and Soldiers. It was a great success. I was in charge of Santa pictures and the picture frame craft. Check out my kiddies getting their Santa on…

And the FRG Leaders…

And last but not least…this is what the Holiday Spirit is all about!! Hands down!

Love Ya!!!