Last Supper

Well, Teage turns into an official full-fledged BIG BOY today.  The experience leading up today has been emotional, proud, and anxious.  I am going to breeze through this post quickly..because I don’t have time to sit and cry like a baby at the computer.  I’m so proud of him and excited for this milestone and I know he will give them ALL he’s got ;o)  Sooo, I thought all weekend (and all Summer really) how the days leading up to Kindergarten Eve would go.  A week ago our family did a photo-shoot together for the first time as a fam bam of five .  I think he is big enough now to actually take direction other than, “Pick up your toys” and “Don’t hit your brother”.  BTW, pics are coming soon and they are going to!  Anyway, it brought him up to the older sibling group and gave him the opportunity to be a ‘big kid’.  He also got a visit from his new teacher and para here at the house where she gave him a goodie bag that had a book in it…

Biscuit Visits the Big City…YES!!

Mrs. Rocha-Mendoza (yep, she’s Hispanic) sat with him on the stairs to show him the book and chit chat while George and I filled out some papers and asked a few questions.  To our surprise (kinda), when they were done, she came over and raved about his reading and sight word skills!  It felt good as a mom to know that my bedtime reading was paying off (and the fact that JD likes to watch movies with subtitles).  After a week of bonding time, it was evident that I had plenty of time to prep for his first day (insert that WRONG Labor Day holiday weekend right in the middle of starting school).  We went to the Dino Park, the movies, gymnastics started, more parks, did some crafts, shopping…I had a blast being partners in fun and spending the quality time with him that I know is already fading fast.  I mean seriously, he is just too big…

First day at gymnastics, Level 2!

Rocket Man at the park

Doing it big…in a tree!

I knew I wanted to do something together on Kindergarten Eve as a family so he could feel how special HE is and how special his new day is to all of us.  We went to the movies, had lunch, and then came home while he and daddy built car tracks and talked about the first day jitters.  I wanted to make him a special supper…his last preschool supper, if you will.  I knew it was going to be something comfort-like…and decided to go southern, since I have many memories of growing up eating southern food on school nights. He devoured his chop of course and the pasta salad.  The cabbage ended with me saying “two bites more”.

Last Supper

Once dinner was over, it was bathy time and I read him the book that has been in our top 5 list at bedtime lately…

So I tucked him in, gave him his old bear and he stayed there until I had to wake him at 7.  He had picked out his outfit the night before and once he got dressed, ate breakfast, and brushed his teeth, he was eager to “walk like big kids” to school.  But before we could do that he needed me to help him make his hair look COOL! (“Because kindergarten is cool, Mom”)!!

So funny that he has kept the Oki pose after all this time!

The walk to the school was nerve wracking…all the kids walking around, the parents holding the little Kinders tight, the cameras…it was a lot!  But Teage walked up, put his name tag on by himself, and hugged me real tight….I almost broke, but I didn’t, for him!  He looked a little nervous too at first, but once he saw the other kids and then his teacher…he couldn’t keep his eyes off of them and started slipping into a comfortable place…I could tell.

In line…

In awe of his teacher…lol

I can’t wait to hear all about his day from him and the teachers.  I can foresee it being more than an adventure!!

I posted some pics of the big kids’ first day on Facebook….they are old hats at the 1st day happenings, but WOW…they look so close in age these days!

Saige-n-JD: 8th & 11th

Go Get ‘Em Isla Bambinos!!

I’m Published…Well, Kinda!

I was sitting on my computer finishing up my softball blog post…when George walked in and said…”You got a package from Blurb!”

I sprung form my chair and quickly ran to the kitchen yielding a razor sharp…key, and tore open the box. My first ever written…book. Ok, so it’s not a novel, or a self-help book, or a even a cookbook….but it is my writing.


Behold, my first Book of Blog!!

I finally started my annual blog book collection and seeing the finished product almost brought me to tears. I started blogging on a friend’s suggestion. I’ve never considered myself a writer…after all, I was never a fan of the subject English in school nor any of its counterparts. But, I do have a wit about me and have a pretty sharp tongue. I love to say what I think and tell a story…or ten :o) So as soon as I started to blog, I knew it was going to be something I would do forever.

I think these yearbooks will be a great way for my family to stay connected to the people we love not only now, but for many years to come…even centuries. I want my great, great, grandchildren to be able to connect no matter what year it is. Call it a paper built time capsule, if you will. I am already working on 2009….and will continue to do so as the years go on.

So if ever you make your way to visit our home or that of my kids or their kids, feel free to peruse the blog book…there’s some funny shit in there :o)

As always…thanks for looking!!

Wish List

We love books. We have books all over the house, and before our tsunami at the old house, we even had a reading room set up with the fireplace. BUT…since that didn’t go over too well (the bottom two rows of one of our bookcases was completely ruined) I though this was a good idea to have in each of the kids rooms and maybe the office for easy reading.

Classy and functional. This would fit in well in any room I think…don’t you?

Thanks to Tara

So I have always contemplated starting and writing a family blog but hadn’t gotten around to it due to my hectic schedule with three needy children to boot. Then I started reading Tara Howes’ blog (who by the way has four children) and realized I could actually do this thing!! I guess I had a different idea of what kind of work went into creating a blog. So thank you, Tara, for showing me a great blog is only a few moments out of my day and some awesome photos here and there away, all of which I enjoy doing. Looking forward to posting all our family happenings for all the peeps I love and miss. Catch you on the next posting!!!