Spring Break…the end!

Well, the time has come that all little children must go back to receiving their education. WOOT WOOT!! I love them of course, but DANG it can be hard to please/entertain a 13 year old a 2 year old at the same time. But we did it and had a fun week all around. Saige got in her sleepovers here and at her friend’s, while Teage fulfilled his eagerness to have outdoor play every single day. JD is so easygoing…except when he complains that he’s missing out on his lego fix. So, the previous post was all about the first few days of Break and this will cover the latter part.

We had a few more stops on our week adventures and one of them was Shuri Castle. The oldest child has already been here on a field trip for school, but it holds a lot of history about Okinawa (specifically the Battle of Okinawa which destroyed most of the castle in 1945) so I thought it was a must that we go as a familia. It was fun and I could feel the historic energy as we sashayed the halls of the biggest Okinawan castle. There were several areas where we could not take pictures and had to walk barefoot, mostly because of the ancient artifacts and conserving the restoration. JD was hilarious…he kept asking the whole way…”Where is the KING?” Of course this was the home to many of the Ryukyu kings centuries ago. But, we finally found the throne, the crown, and the quarters where the royal families lived. It was very regal….

The random tour guide practically cut off Teage’s head in this pic…poor baby :o)

There was a nice mini display of what the castle would have looked like in its day….notice the king…hiding away!

Along the way through the castle, there were podiums where you could get your map stamped and if you received all the stamps you got a reward…JD took that as a mission. He was excited to see that the reward was stickers of all the stamps. So all the kids got their stickering on…

…map complete!!

Our next stop was Kokusai Street. This reminds me a little of NYC where there are just tons of shops/restaurants lining the street complete with the usual peddlers, starving artists, and your occasional photo cutout spot. We all had a blast…Saige brought a friend to this one!! “You gotta have a shopping buddy”, she said!! She’s pretty much right!!

JD ran up and put his cutie face in this one so I immediately snapped and then sissy says…”I’m not putting my head in that slaughtering pig thing”. I didn’t even notice. That is all wrong!!

Ok I had to do it….

Lastly, “One of these things just doesn’t belong here” LOL LOL LOL!!!

We picked the sunniest day of the whole break (thank goodness we had one) and high-tailed it up to Okuma Beach Resort. We have been there before, but it has some great amenities that we wanted to do again. Gotta love a beach day…

This is all Teagie wanted to do…throw rocks in the ocean!! He wasn’t too big on getting sand all over him…it was cute! And of course we had to go pod racing…

In addition to all the out of school fun…we celebrated Easter on a very low key this year. We did the good old egg hunt (well two of them did…the other one was telling herself she was too big to hunt LOL), ate Thai food and went shopping before heading in early to prepare for a school night’s sleep.



It was a very relaxing day and I have to say the whole week was a fabulous one.

Now, I have some news that just got brought to our attention today at lunch (yes I said at lunch where George and I were minding our business…when a co worker of his walked in and burst my bubble). Our extension to stay here has been officially disapproved!! It made my stomach turn. Not just because it means I have to think about once again packing up my whole life and changing locations…that is part of the job. But mostly because of the kids’ education. It is so hard to make the kids move and ask them to make all new friends and adjust to a new school. It hurts, but I know they will be ok no matter what happens. I am not sure of what will happen now….since it is still so fresh! We have some other options (maybe Tampa…that would be awesome, or Germany would be ideal choices). I just hope we can lock in a location before we are TOLD and placed and in some jacked up state. Let the anxiety begin….

I’ll keep you all posted as I learn new information! Please keep us in your prayers for a good assignment…

Hope everyone else had a great Spring Break, too!!! Love Ya!!

Singing St Patty’s Day Pineapples

Hi there everyone…

We had our St Patty’s day house party finally and it went off without a hitch. I made homemade mojitos for like 3 hours straight LOL and managed to only offend one person throughout the night. Seriously, like a friend recently reminded me, how annoying is it when someone doesn’t take your words for what they are?? Oh well, I’m a big girl and can apologize if it means someone will feel better. ANYWAY, it was a success and thx to all who came. Check out the pics of everyone celebrating my favorite color…



We also celebrated JD’s final choir performance at his school. Next year it’s the big leagues, so it was bittersweet to see him up there as the oldest member. He loves it so much and wants to continue chorus in middle school. It thrills me that he is so into the arts. He had a narration part, an instrumental part and of course all the singing you could muster…

Lastly, the girls and I took a day trip yesterday and the weather was stellar!! Beautiful days like this make me excited to stay in Okinawa (Still waiting to hear of we are). So we ventured to the Pineapple Park and had a great time. I think we all thought we were professional photographers with our massive cameras…but DANG we took some good pictures! How cute are we….?

The weird pineapple car that drove itself…



Baby P



Teenage P

Life is good…Love Ya!!!

New Year Antics

Happy Happy, Joy Joy….

Another great start to a new year…2009 is already looking fabulous! The reduced time at work for George during the holidays has been really nice and yet I also find myself wanting to strangle him here and there, too. Kidding aside…I must say that I am going to miss the family freedom we have had while there has been no school (for me or the kids) and limited work in Army world for the past two weeks. We have been sleeping in, staying up way too late, tooling around town, and of course enjoying some yummy food (you know the holidays are all about the good food). But, as we know all good things come to an end and come Monday, it is back to business.

In spite of that reality, we thoroughly enjoyed our New Year’s. On the eve, I met up with some girls and did some shopping and coffee. Later on, we did the family thing…going to dinner and then a movie followed by burning things in the backyard.

Teage fell asleep right around 11:30. Poor kid, he tried to hold on.

Saige had to babysit so it wasn’t our normal eve without the both of them. We did have sparklers and crackers waiting for her when she got home.

Thursday we spent checking out a few places off base and ended up at Tobaru Koen Park. What an awesome place to take the kids. So far it is the longest roller slide we have seen here. The roller slides ROCK and with a scrap piece of cardboard…you might as well be downhill skiing. We spent the whole afternoon there and had a blast.

OK, so I thought Poquito was going to pass out….look at his ears! He is NOT happy about this.

Saige was cold so she decided to “rest”.

Actually, it has been kinda chilly the past few days. I welcome it for sure. It’s comforting to be able to get all bundled up rather than sweating your a$$ off on a daily basis. I hope it lasts a little while.
After our outdoor adventure, we came home to prepare for company. Some friends came over and I finally popped open my champagne bottle. Good food and good company…always works!! Of course there was some Wii laced into that visit.

Overall, excellent week!!! Now if I could only find a way to get someone to take down all the holiday decorations for us. That means it’s over right?? Can’t we just keep it all up til Valentine’s Day???
Well, next week I start seeing someone that’s gonna train me towards my workout plan. I am officially ready for some life changes….and lookout b/c I clean up real nice LOL!!! Catch you later…Love You All!!

Auld Lang Syne

We all celebrate New Year’s in one way another…some getting blacked out by as much alcohol as they can consume, others lighting fireworks in their cul-de-sac with their buddies, one or two times trying to find the right person to plant one on when the ball drops, or a few where you stayed home & lit sparklers with the kids while dancing in the New Year. If you hadn’t guessed…I have participated in all of these New Year traditions. Of course they have been spread throughout the years. But all the while there was THAT song playing in the background!! You know…that “old acquaintance” song that most of us only know a couple of words to. I’m talking about Auld Lang Syne people and it’s about time we all get a lesson on what they are actually saying and what the heck it means. If you are a smarty pants and already know the meaning and all the words…Stop Reading I guess. I don’t need a critic LOL!

OK so here it goes:

Now without translating every dang word…I am going to give you the gist!!!

The song title translates from old Scottish dialect meaning ‘Old Long Ago’ and is about love and friendship in times past. The lyrics convey memories of relationships and how some of those may have wandered over time. It also means to me that even with distance there can be amity…for the sake of ‘Old Long Ago’.

What a great lesson for us – human creatures walking around trying to co-exist with other people as they enter in and out of our lives. Especially as a Military Family Member, this can come in handy when we have to let some of the people in our lives go, respectfully. Ok some of them I just wanted to go away. :o)

I hope everyone has a Fabulous 2009…I know we will!! Catch you next year :o)


Well my Saigie had her first game Friday night cheerleading and it was really great to see her having fun with it. The coach is kinda spazzy and I assist her when I can get a word in…so in light of that, they still did good. It’s cool to watch her cheer because she is nothing like I used to be back in the day. She is like the laid back cheerleader and she loves to be the base girl (the one on the bottom in stunts) so she can use her strength rather than be all dainty. I was the opposite. I like her mentality…She doesn’t care what people think and is always trying to help. She had a little trouble remembering the words to all the cheers (she wasn’t the only one though). And when it came to the halftime routine, she rocked it with her cartwheel and dance skills (those she got from her mama LOL). Check out my little cheerleader…

Although the team lost by three points that night…those girls cheered their little hearts out. Way to go missies!!!

I also went out to supper with some friends to celebrate my birthday. It was really nice of them to come together in spite of it being so close to the Holidays. When you come from a family of five children who all have birthdays in December…you learn to not get all geeked up about your birthday. But these guys really helped me realize that my day was important, too. Thank you for putting everything aside and being a friend to me especially when I needed it. I really appreciate it. Here are the girls and I…

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everybody!! Love Ya!!