Birthday Spirit Week

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School (for the kids and I) is officially kicking my heiny!  September is always such a crazy month and once again, I am doing everything in my life at the exact same time!  I know multitasking is not the way … Continue reading

Turning 6, Getting Promoted, and the End of Softball

So much has happened in such a short amount of time lately…but, I guess that’s just life right?  I am not the only busy one in the world with an umpteen amount of “everythang” swirling around them.  However, it’s not a fam bam blog if I don’t pop in and share with my peeps the fantastical chaos I call Mi Vida!!

We celebrated Teage’s birthday last weekend (his first party on his actual birthday since well, birth :o)  He is officially 6 and “first grade ready” as he would tell it.  The first thing he did birthday morning was grab Dad’s tape measure, run into my room to wake me up, and demand a height check.  Turning 6 has its expectations after all.  I guess it’s a good thing he doesn’t realize how doomed he actually is in the height department yet.  Until then we will high five every inch we get along the way 🙂

This year Teage chose the Avengers has his birthday party theme.  Anyone else die hard Avenger dweebs like us…I am definitely on the Hulk Fan Bus this go ’round!!  Stretched thin, I managed to pump out one of the best lil parties he has every seen.  He loved it…from the superhero food bites (think Villains in a Pickle, Wonder Dogs, Pop Rockin Puffs, Fightin’ Fruit, Hero Lassos, Vision Sticks, and Two Face Dips), to the handmade capes, to the Superhero Academy obstacle course, to his awesome teacher showing up, to reading EVERY single birthday card (better than most teenagers I know), to the fabulous gifts he was so fortunate to walk away with…I mean, how blessed are we?  It was such a blast to have all his friends, classmates, and family show up to help celebrate our Teagie!  Roll the pics already….

Goody Bags…Avenger Style

Balloon Fun!

Hulk Punch

Starting off with the Nature Scavenger Hunt

Read the Clues Teage!!

Hero Ready!

First game…Vaporize the Villain!

Who to pick next….

Capes for All

A labor of love, those capes were 😉

The Teen Set…posted on the pick-up

Too cool to hang with the little kids 😉

Shoot the villain Camille!

Who is that masked man?? Baby Koi to the rescue!

Bag Toss…first step in the Super Hero Academy obstacle course

Being a superhero means being able to jump through hoops!

Off to the Kryptonite Disposer challenge!

Captain America Shield Throw!

Run Hero Run!!  (I love Teage’s moves in the background)

Grabbing the most kryptonite…

Who’s’ gonna finish first??

Mastermind Challenge…guess the number of candies!

Teage’s Avenger Cake…Thanks Kaylene for yet another fabulous and tasty cake!

Make a Wish…

and BLOW!! YAY!!  (The other kids simulating the blowout is just as awesome!)

Once again, we are so happy to have everyone come out on their Saturday.  Lord knows that the sunny days here are few and far between, so we are appreciative using one of those to come be with us as we bid farewell to five…HELLO SIX!!!  Next Saturday…my girlie turns 17!!  (really, 11 year gap?)  Sigh…

In other news….the beginning of the month was also a huge milestone in that George was officially promoted to Master Sergeant!!  Making his E-8 has been like a long forbidden love affair for him…wait, I wish a Mutha Sucka WOULD…maybe not the best analogy.  Anyway, point is it has been a plateau for us for so long….George made his E-7 within his first 7 years in the Army. That is pretty much unheard of in the military.  He earned it, he deserved it…but it was always a known fact for us that he would probably sit dormant there for a while.  And boy did he…for over half of his 16 year career!!  He knew his place and accepted the wait in line as he should.  But, the time had come….finding out in December that he was in promotion status was probably the best news we had gotten in a while. It was a tough year last year for him and this was the morale boost he needed to remind himself of why he is such a great man and Soldier.  I’ve always known it…and now so would the rest!  The day after Teage’s party, I prepped making foodies for the ceremony, which was intimate and yet bountiful with guests and well wishers.  Having G-Pa here was the icing.  He was able to have his dad and I be the ones to “pin” his new rank on.  Alex was also able to attend and I know that meant the most to him by having his family there.  So without further adieu…I present to the masses, MSG George M Isla !!

So many people came out…thanks again!

Senor Isla Trio!

Luv the O’Neal’s..battle buddies for sure!

LTC Iliff before his “I heart Isla” speech..

Sharing a moment!!

Rubbing on of the Ranks 🙂

Congrats to my MSG!!!


The Receiving Line…what a great crowd!

So excited and fortunate to have G-Pa there for this moment.

Isla Forces…go get ’em baby!!

What an accomplishment!  Does this mean he will stay in  the Army with this kind of momentum in the ranks?  Hmmm….

Continuing the week, I had to leave an hour after the promotion ceremony headed to the European Army Family Action Plan Committee in Heidelberg.  I was selected to attend as a Recorder/Transcriber this year (the toughest role as many would say)…but, my work as being multi tasking mommy never ends!!  I rolled back on Wednesday to be there for the Softball Awards Dinner.  Well, I mean I wanted to see my Saigie get her certificate and all…but I was also in charge of the slideshow and helping George create his gift to the girls, individual player cards and trading cards.  Everyone knows by now that we are committed parents with volunteering and advocating/supporting our kids in all they do.  This was no exception.  I love being with these girls and I am really sad to see another awesome year end.  With an undefeated season…our Lady Raiders made history, no team from K-Town has ever accomplished this feat!  I have to also take it a little further and give props to my hubby.  He has put everything into coaching these girls and I know that every single one of them will always remember and owe a little something of their softball career to his commitment towards them.  Hats off to this team…it may be the end of an era, but it’s also what will drive Saige on to overcoming the next achievement, as captain next year!!

Coach Culbreth

Saige grabbing her All Region Rap Sheet!! #1 BABY!

Team Mom…Word!!

Coach “Ice”

Lettered Again!

Player’s Card…from Coach Daddy!

Gift from the girls to G

Grub Time

Megann, Lauren S, Lexus, Sharon, Michelle, Makenzie

Melissa, Lauren H, Reagan, Saige, Callie

Tia, Natalie, Liggins

Lady Raiders with Coach C

Goof Troopin’

This is ALOT!

She’s always someone to lean on!

Stir ir UP!

Passing of the reigns…Captain Baby!

Pentagon Posse! Sniff…

What a fabulous week…in more ways than one!  Did I mention I love my life….?  Now, if I could only get my Apple TV addiction under control I’d be close to damn perfect :/

Thanks for looking…


Photo Challenge 3

Day three of the challenge and with “Lunch” being the topic, I guess I could have really made something fancy and shot it or taken this as an opportunity to go somewhere I typically enjoy an awesome $30 lunch.  However, the elementary school was out today.  So Teage and I were enjoying the day together…(what I mean to say is Teage was pretty much dictating our day).  Sounds about right.  Burger King it is!  Anyway, lunch with him is always a riot.  He told some random kid that he was in 6th grade and another woman that he had lots and lots of money in his wallet (which isn’t as lie…$7 is like $700 to a 5 year old).  Sigh, he always amuses.  If this doesn’t scream a good time…I don’t know what does!

Lunch Challenge – “The Kaang is here”

Love ya,


Happy Halloween 2011

I hope everyone has enjoyed October…because it is walking out the door!  Another month closer in wrapping up 2011…WOW it has flown by.  October is usually my favorite month of year, I LOVE Halloween and the appearance of Autumn always perks me up from the sweaty months before it.  This year was a weird one….peaks and valleys…such is life.  However, packed with a murder mystery, a Fall fest, and a spooky Halloween play to boot allowed me to really get my a$$ up the peaks 🙂

I also had the annual AFAP conference this month and that was more than A LOT!  I facilitated a group this year…and by the end I had walked away with another great experience to list on my resume.  Youth and Education was our topic and we whipped out three impressive issues (insert Teen Club, more Part Day Preschools, and Middle School sports).

Teage had his first Fall Fest in “real” school and it was so cute.  To see him in action was a breath of fresh air.  It was my first time volunteering on the classroom…Mrs Mendoza likes to bring parents in the fold around Fall fest time so that the kids have enough time to adjust to the class rules and don’t get all clingy.  She obviously wasn’t talking about Teage.  He would much rather show off in front of me, than hug me.  I was in charge of the spooky necklace center and the kids worked those fine motor skills like nobody’s business!

Pre-fest game of Hot Potato!

Making a pattern necklace

Spider cupcakes are where it’s at!

JD had also been feverishly rehearsing for his school play!  It was cute and JD did the best by far.  Seriously, I’m not just saying that b/c he’s my boy.  The expressions that boy can do with his face is amazing.  He played Ted, the “normal” guy visiting Frankenstein’s home.  Afterwards, the cast and crew broke it down to Thriller…go JD!

JD aka “Ted” in Frankenstein Slept Here

We also went to  Murder Mystery Party in Wiesbaden….the party itself was super fun.  I wanna do one of these in the future…

Murder Mystery hosts…Aviaries watch out!

Alice and the Mad Hatter

Nestor Fo Liv! 🙂

We had a party scheduled, but cancelled due to personal reasons….which is totally not publicly blog worthy, so we had a fam bam dinner with the Alex, Rhea and the kids instead and did some crafts.  It was relaxing and much needed after that conference finally wrapped.

Hmmm…where did the kids go?

The next day, we all spent all of Sunday carving pumpkins…which was super fun.  The kids enjoy getting creative as do I!!  George did the intricate carvings…he’s such a perfectionist. But they came out awesome!

Pumpkin painting rocks!

Batman and Scarecrow

A cookie cutter as a jack o lantern tool is so awesome and fast!

P.S. two of these were smashed on our doorstep Saturday night :/  Hence the TRICK!

Scaredy Cat…good job G!

People that know that about me know that I go ALL out when I decorate.  This year was no exception (and with the years whizzing by, I always manage to collect more and more”crap”).  I cannot wait to have the large yard I envision in my future so I can really set this thing off!!  But no matter where I am…I have to create and cook my arse off, Halloween style!

Part of the front yard, it’s getting crowded!

Brownie popsicles…mmmm

Antipasto Kabobs are the bomb!

Hairy Dogs!

Jalapeno Boats


Torture chamber!

Cauldron of Halloweeny drinks

I heart decorating!

Teage’s Halloween crafts

The mice that live under the stairs

Great job on the back girls!

Witches grave

Bar decor!

Eerie vase

Homemade tutu wreath

Trick or treating went off without a hitch and my favorite part is seeing all the costumes 🙂

Plastic Housewife and the Surgeon from Hades!

Go Spidey!

Love Bugs

Scorpion…get over here!

Night jumping

Photo ops with the May Fam

Isla Familia!

The only pic of JD in his costume (he refused to participate for some reason)…btw, he was a ninja :o)

It’s candy time!

Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous Halloween…from our home to yours!

Love ya and thx for looking…


The Nutshell that I Call: Florida Summer 2011

This being the first day of school for the kids here, the pressure was on to finally get these photos done and blog about our Summer vacay…sorry to make you wait.

Who knew Summer would come and go so fast?  Before I could say “BEACH”, Summer had arrived and we were already tooling around South FL soaking up the….SWEAT!  Holy hell it’s painfully hot in West palm.  I had forgotten how sticky icky my boob cleavage could really get.  No wonder I grew up with the A/C cranked at 65 degrees…who could stand the humidity?  This girl can’t!  Porchtime turned into perspiration time and truth be told….I loved every minute of it.  Seeing my familia this go ’round was nothing short of fabulous!!  It was the first time all the grand kids had gotten together in one place (what a Popo milestone) and I got to spread my Aunt Diane kisses, hugs, and EVERYTHANG I had been longing to do for years.  So, while I go over the checklist of what we had planned vs. what we did…check out the fab photos of this awesome ‘Crichfield’ bunch!!

Getting GJ to look like Tom Cruise…CHECK!

Roping my beautiiful niece into glamming it up…CHECK!

Roping Kasen into looking directly at me, somewhat :o) …CHECK!

Trying on every hat at Downtown Disney…CHECK!

Getting Marky to man the ship…CHECK!

Letting Leila misguide Marky…CHECK!

Making shark tooth bracelets/necklaces at Olde Key West…CHECK!

Painting your nail yellow because you are secretly a pirate who holds shark teeth…CHECK!

Concussions by way of sword balloon…CHECK!

Making Goofy feel well, Goofy….CHECK!

Pissing off everyone for a forced grandkid picture…CHECK!

Fighting to be the taller sibling…CHECK!

The 5 all together with “Ma”…CHECK!!

Dominating Wolfgang Puck…CHECK!

Cubans meeting relative Cubans at a Cuban restaurant…CHECK!

Putting kids to work on the Fourth…CHECK!

Realizing that you really ARE the misplaced sibling…CHECK!

Getting these two in a pic together for the first time ever…CHECK!

Seeing for myself what I knew all along, Starr is definitely an extrovert…CHECK!

Making sure boogers don’t get in the pool, by the cutest lil girl with the cutest lil laugh…CHECK!

Hugging my Stacy, aka Britney Spears …CHECK!

Shoving Americana cake down every orifice…CHECK!

Fourth on Flagler

Parental karma…CHECK!

Capturing my three favorite girlies…CHECK!

Three little divas sittin’ on a hill….CHECK!

Getting Teage and Brenna to UNITE…CHECK!!

Photo stealing a shot of these gorgeous cousins…CHECK!

Getting my favorite shot on the water…CHECK!!

Bum Rushing a Stormtrooper….CHECK!!

Catching my boys in pure bliss…CHECK!

Seeing how far my sister and her angels have come…CHECK!!

Remembering the solid foundation of my my sister’s life…CHECK!!

Making a girl’s day by taking them to see Hot Chelle Rae…CHECK!

Forcing a few other’s to see Hot Chelle Rae…CHECK!!!

Making sure we leave our mark on this once-in-a-lifetime vacation….CHECK!!

Obvioulsy, we had more that went on this summer besides our trip to FL…but this was near and dear to my heart because it brought us all together again….and it was all that I expected and MORE!  I love you My Ohana!!!

Thx for looking,