Spring time is one of my favorite parts of the year…It rejuvenates so many and sparks new growth all around us. It’s when I start my gardening, planning trips, handling a ton of day to day life on my porch, etc. This Spring I decided to add a little more growth to our Fam Bam by starting our #playitforward venture. My ‘be nice’ mantra has always been present, but I’ve always struggled with how to get everyone on the same page and be accountable for themselves living an engaging and pay it forward lifestyle. Enter Sneaky Cards!


I saw this interactive game on FB one day and immediately started to research it.  Within 30 minutes, it was in my Amazon cart.  It was part of my anniversary gift to G as well because I knew it was something I wanted him and I to do together.  But of course we incorporated the kids too (Saige will be added later this month).

So how it works…there are 6 types of cards, all of which are color coded.

Engage– Just what it says…testing your extrovert self.

Connect– Searching for things…not just objects.

Surprise– Get stealthy.

Care– Do good and give to others.

Grow– Challenge yourself!

Create– We all need to unleash our artistic sides.

The pack has many cards in each category so I opted to have each of us choose three (randomly and not knowing).  The tasks are fun and unique.  Here’s a glimpse.  Check out each of our lucky three…





I can already see Teage laying down in a public place lol.  But as you can see, they are super engaging and definitely pulls people out of their comfort zone.  I’ll be waiting for  G’s poem and JD asking everyone where there birthday is 😉  I am on that selfie with a stranger STAT!  So the rules we made are when you hand off your card (after completing the task), you must take a photo as well.  This will help so I can capture our progress on the blog.  I’m excited to see how this effects everyone and how it even helps us meet new people in FL too…YAY!  The other added glee is you can track your cards (think geocaching) online.  So my hope is that it continues to be played forward and pushes others to be nice and be human to one another.  I’ll keep ya posted…

P.S. If you are down, get your cards and let’s compare stories!


Stay Tuned!







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