Relocation Station


As most of our peeps know…the time is coming for us to transition into civilian life after the 20 year run with the Military.  That transition will have its own blog post. In lieu of that, the huge question for about a year now has been where we are gonna establish our new roots. The three choices we had it whittled down to was Georgia, Central Florida and back home to South Florida.  All have the east coast, close to family vibe so it was more of a struggle on what was going to the best all around for our familia. Things we took into consideration were schools, cost of living, job opportunities, Military Retirement resources, travel opportunities, Family proximity, and of course location location location again!  That being said, G and I went back and forth.  He started out dead set on So Flo, which is the easy first choice. We know it, we have Family on both sides that are very close by, the beach is right there, networking is huge for us there, etc.  But like I said to him, we had to really sit down and weigh all the options. The easy route isn’t really how we roll after all.

We had people in all three areas giving us the reasons why we should settle in their hood.  So we had MANY conversations covering each region. In the end we had to go with what fit best for our lil Fam Bam, knowing it might disappoint some along the way. The good thing is all three are close enough we can visit as often as we like…no hard feelings peeps!

The final decision came down to…..Central Florida!!

It has it all.  Everything we really want for the future of our Fam is there.  The job opportunities are endless (G has so many options…high schools, airports, Orlando’s huge job market).  The colleges nearby are fantastic (Do I dare say Teage could be a UCF Knight).  The traveling and vacation situation is pretty solid (Can we say Disney Vacation Club and jobs galore for JD).  There is a Military base less than a hour drive (and it’s an AF base…ahem Saige).  The amount of house and land we can get for the price is silly compared to So Flo. This one is on the top of our list at the moment.


Just sayin!

Point being there are many factors we took into consideration. But let’s be honest….we aren’t going to really ever be pinned down. We are travelers and we’ve been moving every three or four years our whole lives. Who knows where the future will take us. I just know this summer it will the Orlando area.  There will be a huge housewarming party to come where I hope our peeps from all three locations will come and welcome us back to the Sunshine State!!  Time to get excited and start the job and house hunting!  Anyone know a good realtor in Oviedo, Longwood, Lake Mary, Orlando area?? Let’s do this….


Diane and the Fam Bam

2 thoughts on “Relocation Station

  1. Wow! 20 years…. I know y’all are ready for a new adventure! Hope you all have a smith happy transition and I would love to see ya! That house looks amazing!

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