Happy Holidays 2015

2015 just came and went didn’t it?  How was your year besides lightening fast? Ours was eventful, clearly, and most of my usual practices took a backseat to the hustle and bustle of ’15.  However, the Holidays have given me some perspective and a push to get back on track with my daily Di lifestyle.  More on that later…

Yay….Christmas was super nice and relaxing this year.  The weather in NNY has been a dream so far this Winter.  But, we missed having Saige home AGAIN.  This year she was able to at least connect with us more during the Holiday season than the last two years…so that is a blessing in itself.  We were able to FaceTime and open gifts together which was fabulous.  She traveled a couple hours to a friend of the Family’s house who not only welcomed her but gave her the Christmas feels she would have gotten at home.  Thank you Quesada Fam for having her and for being a warm & safe place to spend Christmas.

Christmas Eve was super low key with out traditional Chili & Reindeer Food sprinkles.  We visited a neighbors house for some white elephant gift giving and I even had my first coquito this year (Puerto Rican Winter Cinnamony Rum Drink….you can find a recipe here).  It’s so delish and a tastier alternative to egg nog I think.  A new Isla Fam insert to the Holiday menu from here on out.  Teage and JD were anxious to get to bed so we left early and waited for the big guy.

The next morning was exactly what I envisioned. Teage jumping on our bed begging us to wake up and JD already downstairs having scoped each and every present and gift tag out.  As you know, Santa likes to share his gift giving here so you never know who you might get a present from under the tree.  This year, BB8 and even KyloRen gave gifts to the boys.  I’m sure The Grinch had something to say about that.  The trees and stockings were full and the grins were priceless.


Tis the season for smiles and Family time!!


The gift opening was a lot as you can imagine.  It went on for a while but the smiles never get old…Here are few of my faves:


The rest of the photos are a good time too..


After the 8 day opening of gifts, we did our annual facetime gift exchange with G-Pa and George’s brother and fam.  We marathon gift opening like no one else!  It’s something we all look forward to every year.  Good times.  I love giving gifts…

By this time breakfast was ready (the traditional chorizo and eggs and potatoes was replaced with Baked French Toast sausage and eggs…cravings win this year).  My sister from another mister, Lita, came over and we chowed down while listening to Poison melting into the couch and watching the dogs prance through paper.  Best morning ever! We stayed in PJs all day (because if you don’t, you’re doing it wrong) and played our favorite Holiday flicks (when I could get the new video games off my TV).  Perfect way to spend Christmas.

I hope everyone else had a most relaxing and joyous day and weekend.  As the new year approaches, I wish all my Family and peeps an exciting, inspiring, loving, productive, fabulous 2016!  Resolution or not….I plan on making it my best year yet.  Starting with resolving to spend more time on my blogs.  It’s always been my place of comfort and expression for me and I miss it.  This one will still showcase my Family events. happenings, and personal photos.  My personal blog, Di On Display, will continue to be my sounding board and the place where you get the raw side of me…so link on and follow both.  Don’t miss out…and again, Happy Holidays!!

Xmas 2015IMG_1269

Thanks for Looking,

Diane + Fam Bam

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