Playing Catch Up With the Islas

Lets just get to it shall we?

Fall has been full of changes in the Isla Casa…like the leaves and scenery in the North Country.  G came back home from a long deployment, school started for the boys,  I started working outside the home, Bella turned 1, JD turned 17, and Saige left for the Air Force finally.  I felt like things were starting to slip through my fingers there for a minute as we all had to adjust to our new normal around here.  G being back home was a fabulous change in that we could tackle the upcoming transitions as a team.  We make such good team and I’m glad we’re back in action again…even if he DOES go right back to leaving everything he uses in a path behind him.  Sigh.

JD being 17 & a Junior now really hit me because I swear just a month ago I was shoving his bippee in his mouth sideways to watch him “flip” it and slobber-giggle.  Whyyyyy?  Now he sounds like James Earl Jones and has hair all over him.  It’s a lot.  But the school loves them some Jorge and I’m happy to report he has a great group of friends here that he goes to the mall and movies with occasionally.  Huge steps for the loner he has always been.  They even came over to the house and had a video game marathon…he loved it!





Teage is Teage.  Going 100 all day everyday.  Too smart for his own good, sassy in his pre-tween/younger sibling sort of way, sporadically inappropriate at times, loving and caring most of the time, and still dresses to the nine whenever he feels the need to.  His teacher, G and I just had a parent/teacher conference and she reported that he was very respectful and works really hard…bonus, he still above the standard reading level even when it comes to comprehension and writing…so that is awesome.   He just had a Holiday concert and again stood front row, bringing it!  He makes me smile….let’s be honest, he makes the whole room smile.

Teage Collage


Get the visual….and be ready to cackle lol.

Saige officially grasped the title of Airman Basic as she set into the wild blue yonder the beginning of  this month.  Our last weekend we hit up the city since she had never been and enjoyed what little time we had left with her.  The nerves started to kick in that weekend hard core, for all of us.  Nobody knows better than us what the military brings when it comes to changing your entire life.  Going form Army Brat to Service Member seems like it would be seamless, but when you’re accustomed to being a dependent…joining the ranks is probably even more difficult.  I always said, I’d never make it…my sassy lip and Spouse status would never allow it lol.  As for Saige, I have no doubt she hit the ground running.  Life will never be the same and I couldn’t be prouder of her for taking control over her destiny and serving her country like her Father.  She is going to do great things and become a stellar Airman.  What I do know is this new label of Military Mom is intense….it’s leaps and bounds different when it’s your baby.  For now, I will bask in the glory that Basic training is shaping and molding our daughter where we left off.  I can’t wait to see her graduate and wear the uniform.  Until then, we will keep writing her letters and count down the days until we can hug her again.  Here are some shots from her last day as a Civilian….lol.

Saige NYC











Gawd, someone please put a pause button on these kids…sigh.  I just don’t know…

Bella is a year old now!!  She has gotten so big and ladylike.  It’s kind of a somber feeling.  But she’s so full of life and personality.  She truly is the best dog for our Fam Bam.  Who can resist this?


In other news, I started working in the Copy & Print department of Staples this Fall. It’s been a great gig so far,  The management team is great and I’m getting all this development and print biz down for my studio life in the future.  A two in one deal.  Bonus… before any of them really know I took photos, they asked to see my work from a homecoming I shot recently, blew two up, and mounted them to hang in the store.  Boom!  It was emotional because it was the first time I had seen my work displayed like that.  Things just keep getting better.  I can’t wait to show ya what 2015 has in store…

George is still diligent in his 1SG duties.  It never really stops.  This week starts half days through the New Year, so it will be nice for him to get a  little “break”.  The phone won’t stop ringing of course, but he’ll be around. He’s also taking leave when the kids are on Holiday Break so it’s going to be a wonderfully relaxing Christmas in the casa this year as opposed to last year being separated and Saige in the ‘not so ideal’ location.  What a difference a year makes!

As we close 2014, I just want to focus on so much of the good that transpired, for me, my Family, my peeps, and all we care for.  Plus, look ahead at what great things are to come for our futures.  In other words…


P.S. If you’d like to keep in touch with my tips fo life, find me at #DiDaily on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for looking,


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