Summer 2014

We’ve had a pretty jam packed Summer…to say the least.  Filled with many visitors and visiting, Summer 2014 was definitely a good time.

My sister Ebeth made her way to NNY and it felt like home again!  I was so appreciative she could fly up here and visit.  She started our Summer off the right way…BOOM!!  I love you my seester…



I finally got to spend some quality time with my BFF Jenny.  She and I have been friends for almost two decades and it had been way too long since we reconnected.  Bonus: we finally got to meet the grand babies!  Saige came back home just in time to join us on our journey to Indiana and back…so all the kids were back together again as well.  Blessings for sure!!  We love us some Ms Jenny!!



We also had some young adult reconnections happen as well.  A couple of Saige’s friends from HS she has known our whole stint in Germany came to NY.  Nate and Omar are some of the most well-behaved and respectful young men I’ve ever met.  There are some young dudes that should take notice and strive for what they bring to the table.  It was a pleasure having them at our home and it was sad to say good bye…Mama Isla’s got your back boys!!



BUT…..the true gem of this Summer was our Soldier came home for R&R!!!!

It’s been a long road….a long, wintery, challenging, nurturing, pining road!  While most in his unit left later than him and came back earlier, we made it and finally were rewarded with some much needed time with our hero and he, some much needed pampering.  It felt amazing to be a whole Family unit again.  I have this saying of “How can I miss you when you never go away?” (which applies to anyone really)…and boy is there so much truth to that.  I remembered how close of friends G and I were when he left.  Communication is such a big part in surviving a deployment and talking to him every chance we could really opened up our deep friendship again.  He truly is still that best guy friend from high school when we were 13 years old.  It’s what makes me love him everyday after all these years.  Anyway, this is turning into a romance novel so let me just say that we had a blast while he was here and I will cherish it forever.

One of the highlights was seeing the kids and him bond.  Teage was soooooooo ready for him to be back so they could do daddy son stuff (so was I)…like golfing, building Legos, outdoor adventures, play video games, animal and insect exploring, basketball, throw the baseball around, walk to the mailbox together, and of course play the fart game sigh.  G even went as far as to buy him his own Army uniform so they could be twinning.  It made my heart sing.

JD was happy to have his Singstar role model back, be his MacGyver assistant, do the yard together (kinda), shop game stores together, and he even got some sweet driving lessons from dad.

Saige being home meant she got to reconnect with her dad the right way.  He was able to give her some guidance on joining the Military, show her he will always be her protector, and just be a Family again.  She needed that and so did he.

I knew this time would be quick and fast so during the visit I had all these thoughts coming to me on how it won’t be like this forever.  He would be gone again and Saige would be leaving also.  This was my chance to capture my Family…bonded and together again!  So my creative juices started flowing early on…and I decided to bring those visions to life with my camera.  These photos will symbolize a milestone in our life…one we won’t forget.

I decided to get sassy with my editing since I had ultimate control of the shoot…it’s always fun to shoot your own Family!!


















Disclaimer: This was the only day we could do this shoot and it was at high noon (not ideal lighting for the photographer in me)….but we pushed through the heat and made it work!!

To round out the visit…the boys started school as well.  It was an added bonus that G was able to meet Teage’s new teacher and join in on the school shopping fun.  I shot the boys back to school photos as well.  My boys are growing up way too fast…just sayin’.


JD Back to School 2014


Teage Back to School 2014




I really am the lucky one here…my Family rocks and this Summer proved that exponentially!!  We may have our ‘not so perfect’ moments, but that’s what makes it exciting, adventurous, passionate, and loyal.  It just keeps getting better…






Army Strong…and Isla’s OUT!!

Thanks for looking,


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