May Showers Bring NNY Flowers

Living in NNY means things run about one month behind on everything “Seasonal”.  Summer runs late, which means school starts late here (after Labor Day).  Fall starts late, which means Winter runs late (snow in April anyone?).  This brings us to Spring, the really late and almost nonexistent Season here in upstate NY.  Sigh. The moment of silence is due to the fact that I looooove to garden.  I have had a “garden” at pretty much every base we have lived at…sometimes with produce, sometimes just flowers/bushes.  Of course that means starting a new garden several times which can be a pain, but alas here I am.  I cannot wait to have our very own permanent farmer’s market in our retirement home…think raised beds, chicken coop, ponds, greenhouse, and archways.  I’m geeked for what’s to come. However, in the meantime, I’m still doing it!  I have started the seeds and have some seedlings so far.  When I registered the kids for Child & Youth Services on base, they were passing out these seed bundles for free!!  Who doesn’t like $free.99? IMG_6631 I picked up this awesome seed starter kit the other day…the Jiffy greenhouse ( approx. $6) was super easy to use as well. IMG_6642 The peat pellets are compressed with netting around them, so when you add the water it expands the pods but it stays confined in the netting.  Hmmmm, dirt pods, mudpies, mud balls….this could benefit in many areas of my life. IMG_6630 Once they were soaked, I used a cocktail fork to open up the top and dig a small crevice for the seeds, then I lightly covered them with the wet peat…let’s do this cucumbers!! IMG_6633 I added my markers because really…who has time to remember all 25 seedlings?  I’m so excited…Teage helped me for a few minutes, then a red shiny thing must have flown by because he bounced (the attention span was blown). IMG_6634 I chose to plant these on our rainy day this week so they could start their journey in a low lit, warm place inside, right near the laundry room.  Nobody uses that place anyway…HA! I covered them and BOOM, instant greenhouse!! IMG_6643 I bought a few extra seed starters as well last month and planted those a couple weeks ago. Some are already graduated to little seedlings…YESSSS!



IMG_6647   IMG_6644   I will be keeping up with the progress on the blog. What are YOU planting this Season?Happy Harvesting Peeps!! Thanks for looking…Diane

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