G Money Masty

My nephew GJ came to visit us this past week and we were so excited.  My sister bought him a ticket to NY for Christmas and what a joy it was to have him come spend time with us on his Spring Break.  The boys still had school so the beginning of the week was kinda quiet, but we still had some dinner dates and GJ got to get a lil sneak peek into the routine Isla lifestyle.  One thing that was exciting was the fact that GJ had never seen snow or flown on an airplane before.  Sooooo, it was a good time to break both of those molds with him.  He tried to pretend he wasn’t cold throughout but he quickly learned we weren’t in the Sunshine State anymore.  I think he looks great in snow…what do you think? IMG_0523   On the days I had one on one time with GJ we ventured out to shop, have lunch and peruse the town and even hit up the Heritage Center on post that is home to the USO, the gift shop and the Fort Drum 10th Mountain Division Museum.


This is Chucky…he’s the mascot of the museum and apparently has been to Afghanistan and guards the post.

IMG_0535   IMG_0533   IMG_0542   IMG_0549   IMG_0569   IMG_0572   IMG_0578   IMG_0558   Another excursion was going to watch Teage in his wrestling match.  It was fun but long and Teage did great as always.  He makes us all laugh and root for him at the same time. IMG_0621



On Saturday, we went out all day.  First up was Massey’s Ranch…hosting one of the local Maple weekend festivities.  I had never been near Brownville which is about 30 min away.  It was cold of course, but the boys pushed through for the educational portion of our outing lol.  There was a lesson on how to make maple syrup from the sap of a tree, the hayride was cancelled because of the massive mud through the trail (boo), but there were tastings of several maple products. IMG_0719   IMG_0714   IMG_0713   IMG_0724   IMG_0731   IMG_0737


Sampling the maple syrup…



OK maybe it’s not like Ms Butterworths…



My bad! HAHAHA



Love it!

After we left the Ranch, we took the side route to get to Sackets Harbor.  I blogged on this place before, you can find it HERE.  I love this village.  It’s full of an old town vibe on the waterfront.  I cannot wait until the season opens next month.  I feel like I will spending a bunch of time there.  It’s also where Bella’s groomer is…bloop. IMG_0778


We took this for you seester 🙂



Remember GJ, that’s Canada behind you!!

IMG_0748 The boys looked really handsome all day…the “Jorge/George”s were extra studly due to the swagged out t-shirts I got for them the day before to wear. IMG_0792   The last full day GJ was here it was gorgeous outside, deceiving really.  While it was low 30 degree weather, the sun was beaming so I told the boys to get out and enjoy the snow while it’s ‘nice’.  What occurred next was the ultimate snow fight…and you KNOW that’s my favorite thing to shoot in the Winter 😉


All the days Batman



Rocking his sunglasses like Dad



Oh, it’s onnnn



I told him to put pants on I swear, but he’s too hard core for that.

IMG_0919   IMG_0931   IMG_0933   IMG_0939   IMG_0981


He had so much fun!



JD, not so much I guess

IMG_0946   IMG_0941   What a blast!  We love it when Family comes to visit…ahem, cough cough.  Holla ❤ Thanks for looking, Diane

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