Greek Peak

This past weekend, the boys and I along with a friend and her kids set off on an adventure in our local region. Greek Peak Mountain Resort and Hope Lake Lodge was the locale for the 10th MTN DIV Deployed Spouses Retreat…hosted by the Chaplain’s Strong Bonds Organization.  I wasn’t sure if we were going to go after our extended trip to Germany, but I’m glad we did because it was a great refresher session for me and the kids all had fun.  The resort is about a 2 hour drive from Ft Drum and nestled in the mountains of Courtland, NY.  It’s super rustic and definitely ski hill country.  They have some pretty awesome attractions, such as the arcade, the Waterfalls Spa, The Acorn Bar & Grill, the Cascades indoor waterpark, the Mountain Coaster ride, rock wall climbing, zip lining, snow tubing, skiing, snowboarding, the Trax Pub overlooking the slopes, and more.  The website really breaks it down.


Hope Lake Lodge




Once we were settled into our rooms, which was complete with more of the country vibe and a porch balcony that didn’t quit, the kids went to childcare (by kids I mean T because JD is “waaaay too old for childcare”).  Ok he is.

photo 2


After checking in the hotel and eating dinner, the Spouses went to the conference center and we started the first session.  The classes were based on 8 Habits of a Highly Successful Marriage by Stephen Covey.  G and I have done this workshop but it was nice to get a refresher and see it through a solo perspective.  It was intriguing to use my own cognitive thinking in place of G’s absence.  It opened my process of reasoning up and allowed me to pull from the memories I have within our marriage.  I love a good workshop…especially if it involves strengthening relationships in my life.  The activities were fun and jogged my thoughts as to why G and I are such a good fit.  After almost 18 years of marriage it can sometimes get cloudy with this lifestyle and the daily routines.  I spent my time at the sessions working the habits and enjoyed it.


photo 1-2

I would have really jazzed up this project had I had longer than 7 minutes to search the mags…this is “What Does Your Marriage Look Like?”

photo 2-2

“If you were celebrating your 50th Anniversary, who would you want there and what would they say about your marriage?”

In between all the sessions, we had Family time and Mommy time…both of which I appreciated immensely.  During Family time we went across the street to the Adventure Center and rode the Mountain Coaster…it was hilarious and totally fun!  who doesn’t like a self-controlled roller coaster in the woods?  Heres a clip of Teage and I doing it…

We also went to the waterpark after with our friends and the boys had so much fun.  JD thought he was going to be too cool but it took about 3 minutes and he dove in!  These kids are living the dream…





We probably stayed there almost three hours.  Next up, mommy time!  The kids were having a dinner together so the Spouses could have dinner amongst other adults.  It’s the little things for me.  Someone I knew from Germany and a friend I met here were also on the retreat so after dinner we got shuttled to Trax Pub & Grill for some much needed cocktails.  It was right at the foot of the ski slopes and gorgeous!!  I was immediately infatuated with all the kiddie skiers and snowboarders that were barreling down the mountainside.  I was in shock at how little they were.  Totally owning those slopes and totally impressed.  For about one millisecond I was like “I would love it if Teage learned to snowboard”.  Then I realized I will NEVER live in this type of environment again…who am I kidding?  Investing in all that would be silly.  Surfboards though?  I see a future lol. Gahhhh, but the iPhone pics.  Nevermind, it was fabulous view…

photo 3-2

photo 1-4

I think ringing the bell meant shot time….just go with it

photo 2-3

Marlene & Carla

photo 1-3

Super Thirsty Heyyyy

The last day we had a morning session and then did a little perusing, shopping and shot some of the lodge.  I told G we need to go back soon…





I have a full gallery of pics over on my Smug Mug page.  CLICK HERE to see the rest!

App of the day: One last selfie of me using a new app on my iPhone called Frontback…getting ready for our group picture.  I was walking while taking this…yay lol.  I need more time with using it, but I do like the app.  Why is my face like that? Gahh…

photo 2-4

Until next time 🙂

Thanks for looking,


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