Across the World in…?

Whelp, we are back in the good old USA after a fantastic trip to Europe for Winter Break.  How do I sum this trip up….let’s just say, It had me feeling some type of way!!  Space A travel is a fantastic benefit for the Military and their Families.  I’ll be the first to admit that you MUST be flexible and this trip…was definitely trying to try me on that front. Once we made it (which was the easy part), my first and only goal was to see my daughter.  It was bliss being able to hug her again and touch her face.  She looked radiant as always and is doing well.  We had several chances to get together and for that…this whole trip was worth any of the mishaps we experienced on the tail end…ahem, 2.5 weeks later.

Just look at my baby (not so baby) girl and her brothers…








Good times!  The other reason for going was to see the familia still there.  I was super stoked to see the niece and nephew and in laws of course.  It was like we never left.  It’s always nice when all the kids get old enough to where they remember you from the last time you traveled.  I think it lasted a whole 10 minutes before there were cousin spats, wine being spilled, and somebody not flushing the toilet.  Again, good times.

I spent the first part of the week visiting our friends in Wiesbaden & Belgium, then skipping out for an overnight trip to my pseudo home away from home, Amsterdam.  That place is my Mecca…lol. I would go into detail but we ALL know…what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam…bloop!  But it was a great girl trip overall.  If you get a chance to get there our flat was in a great location and super cute…check out Hotel Amstelzicht.  It was perfectly placed along the Amstel River.  Enter, more good times.

Once the week’s festivities were over we spent each day with an activity with the kiddies.  First, roller skating.  Teage loved it…after his minor setback of falling on the hard shiny concrete and had a meltdown.  I mean who likes to slam down on a slick rink of solid rock…no one. I may or may have not a$$ planted myself.  If it’s not on camera, it didn’t happen right?  J and C were naturals and clearly regulars at the “Crossroads”.  It was fun…






I was holding out hope that I would hear How Will I Know blast through the speakers…but I got Whoomp There It Is.  I’ll take it.  We ended doing roller rink time twice over the break.  Super fun.  Next activity planned was swimming.  I didn’t swim, but everyone else did…which made for some sweet photo ops.













Hilarious these kids.  Once I realized we were not leaving Germany when we had planned…we kept it moving with game night, Yabadoo, some home school lessons, and some definite porch time.  One of the school outings we did was Dr Seuss day.  They had free books, crafting and story time. You guessed it…good times 10!



Then one day I walked to the park with the boys while C was in gymnastics…and the sprint heard ’round the world happened (a mad dash along a soccer field bc I thought we had a flight in 30 minutes that ended up being defunct).  Sigh…but the boys had fun 🙂




But, the BEST activity of the whole vacay was the Bigfoot incident.  The kids had been talking about Bigfoot all week and Alex took them for a walk in the woods to search for his digs.  Sooooo, we came up with a brilliant idea to give the little kids a dose of the crazy wild medicine they had been slinging to JD for two weeks.  I got him some make up, a wig and we sent him out to the woods before we took the little ones for a walk. What happened next was the ultimate prank.  I failed on the video portion bc well, I tried to multitask.  Anyway, C was the most scared, but they all had a fab reaction.  You had to be there I guess…






I’m cracking up all over again BWAHAHAHAHA.  So, even though I felt tethered to the terminal a good portion of the time, it was a great time and being with Family always outweighs any bogus SpaceA probs.  P.S. Don’t even get me started on how mag-frickin-nificent the weather was in Germany.  Spot on GOOD TIMES!

I snapped some photos on a drive to and from base of memorable sights I used to see everyday.  It brings me back…sniff.  Viva la K-Town!!











Hope you all are feeling the Spring vibe right around the corner…and no I’m not talking to my FL peeps…ya braggers lol.  Until next time….thx for looking ❤


2 thoughts on “Across the World in…?

  1. What an awesome trip! Love the pics and the fact that you had some time to see Saige. She looks awesome! Any Park Export sitings? ; 0 )

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