Best (and Worst) of 2013

I try to make this blog post happen every year…I always have it played out in my mind but sometimes things/life gets in the way of social media, and I’m ok with that.  Anyway, this year I am excited to share some of my favorite photos I have taken this past year.  Aaaand, of course some of the “worst”….insert belly laugh.  Here we go…

Fish Market in Barcelona


Spain Architecture, Barcelona

Barcelona Architecture

Rainbow Wings for Baby Liz, Erfenbach Germany

Rainbow Angel

This is a “Best” because it shows the undeniable draw that is between a father and his daughter…a bond that will never be disputed.  G reading his final coaching letter to S. Einsiedlerhof Germany

Raw Emotion

Event Cakes, Vogelweh Germany

21st Cake

These Boys Shine, Hohenecken Germany

Eggs at a Thuyn

Rapunzel’s Tower, Disneyworld FL

Let Down Your Hair

Jellyfish Fun, Valencia Spain

Jelly Time

Doesn’t my niece look like Renesmee from the Breaking Dawn?  Trenton NC

K Love

Horsey Heaven, Sackets Harbor NY

Stallion Star

STUD…, Watertown NY

My Rock

Tina, Eat the Food!! Sackets Harbor NY


This Little Piggy….Went Wee Wee Wee, Sackets Harbor NY

Swine Fencing

Camel Crush, Tunisia

Camel Backs

Gladiators….Unite, Colosseum Rome

Colosseum Beauty

Happy Hermie, Valencia Spain

Cool Crab

Scaredy Bat, Northern New York

Scaredy Bat

Bright Lights Big Dreams, Times Square NYC

Bright Lights Big JD

The Rock Rises, Rockefeller Center NYC

Rockefeller Rises

I love this shot…the skyline stand on Liberty Island sits in front of the actual skyline…but shows the Twin Towers among the city as it was before 9/11.  Identical yet gaping. You can see the new towers being added one by one until they reach four.  Manhattan NY

Missing Skyline

Nestor Fo Liv, Wiesbaden Germany

Nestor Fo Liv

Belly Buttons, Wiesbaden Germany

Belly Button

Check out the rest of my personal “Best”…for one reason or another:

My “Best of the Worst” is always a good time to sort through.  There’s more than enough to choose from for a myriad of reasons like bad lighting, wrong settings, funky faces, horrible timing or just plain confusion.  But, they make for a fabulous yearly post…on with it shall we?  Of course these are all straight out of camera…no editing.

Mexican Shoe Repairs

Mexican Softbal Cleats

Herein lies the confusion…Yankee Candle Desperation

Yankee Candle Desperation

Wrestle Hazing??  Whyyy am I shooting this?

Wrestle Hazing

Umm, I’m Batman…I Eat Grim Reapers Like You

I'm Batman...I eat Grim Reapers

Antiques?  Or A Good Poop? Anyone…?

Antiques? Poop?

Nestor For Shiz

Nestor Fo Shiz

Boxer Briefs?…Real Brief

Boxer Briefs

Lean Back Fat Cat

Lean Back Fat Cat

Ball Toss

Ball Toss



Umm, Can Tina Eat in Peace?

Can Tina eat in peace?

Possessed Rabbit

Possessed Bunny

Nothing like forceable posed pouts

Posing Pouts

Fuzzy Buddies

Fuzzy Buddies

Funky Butt Lovin’

Funky Butt Lovin

Plop Goes the Rayah

Plop goes the Rayah

Prance in your Pants

Prancing T

The General’s Bright Wife

The General's Bright Wife

Metro Mayhem

Metro Mayhem

Dads have Cooties!


Confetti Wig-tastic

Confetti Wig

Here are some other Honorable Mentions 🙂

On to 2014…my Canon is spying you!

Speaking of…here’s MY best and worst rolled into one…

Di Selfie

I like this one because it looks like ME in many ways…but it’s a worst because it’s the ultimate cheezeball selfie.  Ehhhh, who matters!! C’est La Vie…

Hope you enjoyed the stroll through memory lane like I did…and the laughs were free!  

Thanks for looking,


4 thoughts on “Best (and Worst) of 2013

  1. Those were great Di. I enjoy everything you send. I love how my Jorge has grown up so. Tell him I said hello and don’t forget me when he becomes a big famous star. :-))

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