Shrimp Boil

I make a seafood boil of some kind at least once every couple months.  My favorite is the crab leg boil of course.  But crab legs can be challenging to eat every time I want a low country boil.  So sometimes I’ll just use shrimp and keep it movin.  I have turned many on to my country boils and thought whyyyyyy have I not just blogged this as a foodie post?  Today’s your lucky day!  You can thank me later…


Shrimp Collage

4-5 Russet Potatoes, cut into chunks (not pictured)

1 pkg Andouille sausage

6 corn on the cob, mini ears

1 lb shrimp, raw (in shell or with tail on)

3TBSP Old Bay seasoning

1 lemon, cut in half

1/2 c water

1/2 red wine vinegar

*In a steamer pot, add enough water to reach just below the surface of your steamer and allow to boil.  While the Steamer is heating up, cut potatoes and add to the steamer basket; then cover.  Cut diagonal slices of andouille sausage and add to the potatoes after 7 minutes. After two minutes, add the mini ears of corn around the sides of the pot as to form walls.


I am in love within Old Bay so I sprinkle some with each layer I add to the pot.  As the potatoes, sausage, and corn continue to steam, in a separate saucepan begin boiling the water, red wine vinegar and Old Bay seasoning.  Once boiling add shrimp and steam until tender (about 3-5 minutes).  Next, pour the shrimp mixture to the main pot.


Lastly, squeeze the lemon over the shrimp yumminess, drop lemon halves into the pot and cover for a remaining 3 minutes of steaming.  What results is a bowl of low country boil that will make you giddy for hours.


You can add all kinds of variations of seafood…I have used not only crab legs and shrimp but rock lobster tails, mussels, and scallops.  Make it work for you and your fam.

Enjoy and again…You’re Welcome!!

Love Ya,


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