Stepping Out Solo


Up until this point my home has been consumed with guests and Family during our deployment transition. It truly has been welcomed. The parents really came through to see G off and to see and the boys and I through the shift. I appreciate them and it’s one of the reasons I have such an awesome Family. Today, as I look towards the first of many days riding solo with my boys, I am confidant the days will be full, busy, sometimes sad, adventurous, fun, bond worthy, frustrating, and most of all…strong! This lifestyle isn’t for everyone and I’ve seen many relationships suffer through the storm we call Military Life. However, for me, this is our life and one we work hard at to maintain. The one thing I’ll take with me every morning going forward as I wake up solo is the fact that living strong is a choice. And I intend to do just that…my Soldier and my kids deserve it 🙂

Praying for all the Mil Fams who ride solo,

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