Thankful 30


I like seeing everyone do their daily thankful posts. Seems to be a lot of list making going on when Fall hits. I myself started a Project Photo 365 this month. You can check that out here and follow on my personal blog here.

Instead of committing to two lists a day (I actually do have other projects that require zero technology) I decided to just list my top 30 thankfuls all in one post.  I have been collecting my thoughts over the month. Enjoy….

1. God- I am thankful for God because well, God is everything! Praise.

2. My Parents- Thank you for fornicating, thank you for teaching me manners, how to wear my heart on my sleeve, and how to not be a raging pretentious brat. Oh, and for making me love the Bee Gees, Solid Gold and Hank Williams.

3. My siblings- Thanks for being real sisters and brothers. We’ve always said exactly what each of us has needed to hear, whether we wanted to hear it or not. Well, that and the fact that I’m not the only one to say I have eaten the hell out of some syrup toast and been left at a hotel during a drag race.

4. My Husband- I am thankful that his timing was spot on when we met. I am thankful for his devotion and him always wanting to be mine. I am thankful for his hard work that has provided this family with everything we’ve needed and even things we didn’t. He has grown from my friend, to my lover, to my partner, to my hero, and to my ever after. Plus, I am thankful that he’s still a hottie.

5. My Children- I am thankful to be a mom, and even moreso I am thankful to be a mom to my three amazing kids. Each one brings a unique quality and love to my life that I’ve never experienced before motherhood. I am thankful to my children for challenging me and loving me no matter how over the top crazy in love I am with them.

6. My Extended Family- My Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces, Nephews, In-laws, Sister baby cousin Tracy…all of that.  It takes a village to have a life worth having and my village is a shiny shimmering star on the map!  Thanks for assisting in the molding process that is me.  I mean after all, I found out I was a wood elf from my Aunt…and boom, the pixie cut was born on me!

7. My Friends- I thank all the friendships I’ve made along the way.  The good and the ones that maybe turned.  I learned early on what qualities made a good friend and when to run like hell from the crazy.  I also learned how to help other people become better friends too.  With that, I can vehemently say I have some truly magnificent people in my life.  They all know who they are…and how important their friendship means to me.

8. The Military- I am thankful that my husband and I walked into that recruiter station on Northlake Blvd in 1996.  I am thankful that I didn’t lose my cool like I wanted to so many times because the Military lifestyle was a hard nut to crack.  Being a young new parent and a new Mil Spouse was the most challenging thing G or I had ever done until that point.  But the Military took care of us, it pushed us, it gave my kids experiences of a lifetime, it introduced us to a world and people we would have never known, and it enhanced the love for our country exponentially.  It truly changed the paths of our lives and assisted in growing that village of mine…and I thank the Military every day for that.

9. South Florida- Oh my little Sunshine State.  I am thankful I got the chance to skip school to be a beach bum a couple times.  Nothing like spending your childhood and teen years with South Florida as your stomping grounds.  Barefoot all year long, palm trees in every direction, a melting pot of so many cultures, the food, the laissez faire fashion, the chance to interact and live amongst the rich and fabulous, the reality that you also lived amongst the hard knock lifestyle, and Polar Cup.  There’s a 100 reasons why South Florida will always be home to me…and I’m thankful my childhood took place there.  Well, in between our sporadic moves of course.

10. My Creativity- I always had a creative streak, I mean you should have seen that New Kids on the Block puff paint shirt and the countless amount of artsy school book covers in my past.  I love the fact that I can take something that may seem ordinary and create something fantastic from it…party planning, crafting, blogging, cooking is second nature to me.  In addition, I am thankful for my point of view in photography and the intense passion I have for it.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be a “professional” by the standards everyone has these days, I am not worried about what others label me as….but what I do know is that my talent and the will to keep learning is true.  I’m excited to watch this manifest as time goes on.

11. My Confidence- I am thankful for being strong enough on all accounts to be Diane.  I spent many years feeling the need to please.  Then I went through a phase thinking I was being too nice and being cocky was the way to go.  None of those really worked with who I wanted to be.  It took some hard experiences and cost me a few relationships, but I know who I am and what “my thing” is for the best Diane to shine through.  Being nice and selfless is my thing. Being an understated cocky is my thing.  Being secure enough to stand alone on beliefs and what I will tolerate is also a my thing.  It’s my recipe for confidence…what works for me.  And I am thankful I figured that out.

12. Music- I am thankful for music because it truly does make the world go round.  No matter the culture, the age, the location, the language, the genre…people respond and relate their life to music.  To get a good indicator of what kind of music makes my life go round, check out my playlists on Spotify.  Enter Bee Gees…and Trick Daddy.

13. Math- My favorite number is 13.  13 is usually associated with death or unfortunate events.  However, 13 represents the passage into a higher level of existence.  Also, 13 correlates with the cross and family since reducing 13 is 1+3=4.  I’m a natural when it comes to math and numbers…it’s direct and I like that.  Plus, I’m real popular when it’s time to tip a waiter.

14. Reality TV- I am a junkie to all reality shows; cooking, housewives, the love, and the hip hop, and yes even the competition shows.  Some I have learned interesting things from….some give me satisfaction knowing that cray is larger than the little disfunction I’ve ever had going on.  I never diiiid twirl while simultaneously chanting “gone with the wind fabulous” in public.  Duly noted…

15. Pillow-top Mattresses- I am 100% prime time in love with my bed. I’ve always had a real comfy bed…it’s interesting to see what people will prioritize isn’t it? It’s my favorite place to hang out in my house, besides the porch of course. All hail the pillow-top!

16. Driving- I have been driving since I was 2. Ok maybe 10+2….it’s been a long time is all I’m saying. I learned how to drive a standard by the time I was 13. I see my driving privileges as a gift. I also see it as an experience. I am one to really take my driving a little off the beaten path. Driving on the Autobahn was like a mad rush for me every time. I like to stretch the legs of a car, I like to use the whole road, I like windy roads, I like driving on road trips, I like driving at night, and I like the sense of control it gives me when I’m on an open road. I am thankful for the privilege and for all the car characters in my life…..The Blue Lub Machine, Effie Escort, Sunny Sentra, Opie Opel, Fanny Focus, Whilamena Windstar, Willy Windom, Emma Xterra, and Vixie Volvo!

17. Internet/Email- I remember signing up for my newly founded MSN email account  like it was yesterday (which I’m proud to still use to this day) except it was the 90’s and I was ripe in my early 20s. It’s hard to imagine that I actually used real paper maps, the World Book Encyclopedias, regularly had stamps in my wallet, and used the telephone like AG Bell meant for us to. I am thankful for the Internet and Email for the time it saves me when researching things and sending things to people. I think it can subject us to skip some important things in life sometimes, but it’s a choice when determining how far you are willing to let it invade your normalcy. But really, where would I be without Hotwire, blogging, and the lists of useless information from Buzz Feed? Bravo…

18. My Love for Cooking- I love my cookbooks. I love recipes. I love cooking for masses. Cooking is therapeutic to me. I love taking a recipe and making it mine. I’m more of a savory cook….and I will fire up a dish to make your mouth do tricks. I am thankful that I paid attention to the people that cooked around me growing up. My grandmothers, my parents, my in laws, my friends’ parents, restaurant chefs….I remember the one constant I learned from all was to cook with love and taste everything!!! Order up…

19. Nature- I am thankful for the natural surroundings I have witnessed. Wild animals, blooms, forests, oceans, rivers, coves, sunrises, moonlit nights, deserts, mountains, skies, the power of fire, tropical islands, four seasons, and all things Earthy. Let’s take of it people. Ok, even frogs….bleh!

20. My Past- We all have a past.  My past is not the cleanest you’d ever hear about.  I wrestled with a lot of issues when I reached adulthood that had to do with trying to be perfect, running away form my problems, not being a good daughter, and some serious self loathing.  I am aware now why I had those issues and why I needed to break from that mentality.  What I do know is that I would not be the kind of real or strong person I am now had I not been through some deep dark trenches.  I learn more about myself with each passing day….some good and some that need fixing.  But, I would be silly to regret them.  It molded and continues to define who I am.

21.  Boots With the Fur- My love affair with boots and fur (faux of course) is like When Harry Met Sally.  I am drawn to them.  Even when I try to break it off, I always come back.  I think a lot of that has to do with the fact I never needed boots or boots with fur growing up in South FL.  I mean boots and sand just don’t belong anywhere together…unless those boots are combat boots.  So when I made my first move to Germany in ’96, boots with fur made a path straight to my heart and I’ve never looked back.  As I write this I am wearing my Bomber Uggs.  My feet are thanking me for it…

22. Peanut Butter and Chocolate- If you look on my Pinterest under my “Worth Eating” board, about half of the items pinned involve PB & Chocolate.  It’s my most favorite combination of any sweet treat.  I don’t know what I’d do if I was allergic to peanuts…but thank you Jesus I’m not and for keeping the dream alive for me.

23. Volunteers- People who volunteer are embedded with a sense of humbleness.  I know for me, being able to give back to my community and also teaching my kids the value of volunteering has been one of my greatest accomplishments so far.  It has given me the ability to be more than what I was (see #20).  Everyone that I have met along the way (fellow volunteers) carry the same core qualities: selflessness, dedication, solid work ethics, drive, positivity, and humbleness.  I will always be a volunteer in some capacity and I thank all those who give without expectation.  Helping Hands Help Others.

24. Snow Plows/Snow Blowers- I am super thankful that where I have lived when its snowed has and uses snow plows and blowers on the roads and sidewalks.  I don’t know how anyone could last in Northern New York or any Wintery place for that matter without a plowed road.  Oh and salt…lots of street salt.  Eat that Snow Fairy!!!

25. Holiday Movies- Each year, I get excited around the Holidays because that means I can pull out all my Christmas movies and am guaranteed a movie on TV every day.  Our family faves: A Christmas Story, The Grinch (both), Fred Claus, Rudolph & the Island of Misfit Toys, Christmas Vacation, It’s a Wonderful Life, Jingle All the Way, The Santa Clause, Christmas With the Kranks, Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas, Home Alone, Four Christmases, Frosty the Snowman, and A Christmas Carol.  To check your favorites and when they play…ABC Family has their schedule posted here.  Happy Holidays!

26. Gift Giving- Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do.  I love making someone feel special by the gifts I give.  I spend lots of time thinking about what makes gifts personal and unique for someone.  I love to create handmade gifts and have a gift last a lifetime if I could.  By default, this also means I really know my peeps.  It’s a win win in every way possible.

27. My Health- I am super thankful that I am generally healthy.  I have always been quite immune to most sicknesses.  The explanation that runs throughout my childhood family is because we never really went to the doctor as kids (our parents were the “lay down and take a nap” type of healers).  I think it built an immune system in all of us kids that remains strong to this day.  I am also a big believer in mind over matter.  I have literally willed away ailments with my thoughts.  It’s powerful what the human body can do when you listen to it and live inside of it.

28. Senses- It’s amazing what the senses can do to someone’s psyche.  I am thankful for my sense of smell…it allows me to transport my thoughts to several moments in time that are important.  It’s crazy what the smell of a bbq or gardenias does to my mood.  My sight is such a gift.  I have 20/20 vision and am thankful that I can see the beauty in my life on a visual scale.  Taste…well, it’s pretty clear that I love foods…I love tasting different kinds of foods even more.  My palette is one of my favorite things about me.  Being able to touch people with a hug or a handshake or a kiss is a powerful way to communicate.  I am thankful I do those well.  My sense of hearing brings me back to being able to listen to my loved ones.  I pride myself on being a good listener.  Get in touch with your senses people.

29. Being a SAHM-  I am so grateful that I spent most of my kids’ childhood as a stay at home mom. My husband works so hard for me to be able to stay home. The memories I have with my kids will be with me forever.  It has allowed me to me a volunteer at their schools, take field trips with them, be their homework helper, give back to the community, travel, and grow internally….all while my kids watched me.  That is something no one could ever take away in my life.  Being a present mom has been a gift and I know I was the lucky one…

30. Love- I am thankful to know what love is.  I am thankful that I love hard…even if it’s too hard sometimes.  I am thankful to have people in my life that love me and my family.  Love makes miracles, creates strength, brings joy, makes us crazy, and builds relationships.  Love truly does make the world go ’round.

thanksgiving card 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…whether you are with your loved ones this holiday or not, we should all be grateful for the love and happiness in our lives.  THANK YOU for looking…


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