A Skeleton with a Mustache, a Creeper & a Glitter Bat

Today we carved our pumpkins! USO was hosting an event where you could bring your pumpkins and use their space and accessories to make your pumpkins shine!!! My friend Tanya and I started out there while G took the boys fishing….



Teage caught a catfish and JD almost had one but it got away!

By the time I carved my pumpkin, the boys showed up. Tanya was working hard on hers….a Frankenstein!


Mine was a skeleton with a mustache and a top hat. I decided to mask it with a dark purple paint which Teage was more than happy to assist in.


Then he moved on to his and the best part always for any boy is digging out the pumpkin guts!! First by spoon…


Then it’s just all hands in…


Once the pumpkin was cleaned out, JD worked on the Creepers face…if you know Minecraft, you know the Creeper.


I think they both came out pretty great!!! I love purple and green together as a color palette.



I even made a glitter bat pumpkin for inside because….well, I like things that shimmer and shine!


Meanwhile, check out the casa all decorated for Halloween. Well it’s halfway decorated…I really didn’t want to drag all that out bc we just unloaded about 80,000 boxes in the last two months, but Teage insisted we needed it so our house could look spooky (he was right, how could I resist my Halloween heart). So we put up enough to show our scare me spirit.



Hope everyone enjoys the week leading up to Halloween!


We will totally be doing it….
Isla Fam Bam!!

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