Friday Fall Craft

Last week the boys and I went leaf picking to gather for a craft.  Today it comes to fruition.  I wanted to make something to hang up in the casa since my Fall decor is the one season that I don’t have on lock.  Here’s a step by step:

Once you gather the leaves, press them in a big ol dictionary you have from that overly priced set of encyclopedias you bought before the Internet took hold.


Next, lay out enough wax paper to draw out 12 large triangles (6 flags worth).

IMG_6089 IMG_6090

Then  have your awesome helper cut off the leaf stems and arrange them in the triangles.

IMG_6091 IMG_6093

Once arranged, cut out the triangles and pull out your Mod Podge secret potion…it’s a crafter’s dream!!


Spread the mod podge on one side of the wax paper and seal the triangles together with the leaves in place.


I used a single hole punch to create the avenue for adjoining the triangles with twine.


The twine gives it an extra Autumn feel I think….and the end result, hang it up in the one bare entryway between rooms.  What an inexpensive way to share craft time with your kiddies and bring the seasonal vibe into your home!


It’s Fall Ya’ll….

🙂 Di

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