Leaf Your Life

Being here in upstate New York I am becoming more and more aware of what the highlights are and will be…one of them is the Fall scenery.  Don’t get me wrong, Germany had a beautiful Fall season, but the overcast shadow was always looming hard through all seasons.  The sun here in NY is wide open and turns these leaves in unison I’ve noticed.  It’s really gorgeous.  The boys and I went out leaf picking for an upcoming craft idea (soon to come in another blog post).  They liked getting into the trees and seeing which one could pluck the biggest leaf…..well, until Teage had to potty and started to drop his pants because he can’t let go of his European lifestyle.  JD had an issue with that, so we moved on.  But what a fabulous photo op overall!!











It’s Fall Ya’ll….soak it up!!

Thx for looking….


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