He’s Too Big…

My JD had a birthday yesterday….and has reached that ripe age of hairy upper lips, one of the last few growth spurts of adolescence, the unwaveringly deep voice, and a license to drive??  Where the hell is the time going?  It’s surreal and down right rude to steal time away like that.  But, I have to be a big girl/mommy and accept the inevitable….JD is almost a man!!!  I’m not sure how much he realizes this himself, but his towering presence over every person in our house and the weird privacy time he insists on having…it’s very clear to the rest of us.  We are celebrating his birthday with his friends on the 14th so we can take them to see The Hobbit premiere.  Of course we couldn’t let his actual birthday slip by without some fun and gifting going on.

I decided that first on the agenda was to stalk him in bed and wake him up with the birthday song,  He was less than amused by this….but I’m gonna chalk his reaction up to the unbearable light I flipped on.  After he went to school I got some things together for the evening and at lunchtime brought him his favorite lunch (double cheeseburger of course) and an ice cream cake to share with his lunch crew.  They sang Happy Birthday to him and it was cool…I wouldn’t really know because he kicked me out as soon I delivered he goods).  A mother’s job, selfless and joyous.  Rhea and the kids came over for dinner.  We were going to head out to a restaurant of his choosing, but it snowed like crazy that day and the roads were shady.  So I made dinner which was soon followed with gifts.  Saige had hers all wrapped for him but had to work, so we saved it for later.

Before he started, we Facetimed G-Pa and Alex so they could see him open their gifts.  It was cool to have them “there”.





He got some great gifts…a few gift cards, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu Ray, a book, and Dad’s birthday trick.  He has been patiently waiting for his birthday to “get” the Lego Lord of the Rings game on PS3.  G decided it would be fun to wrap up the old Harry Potter game instead for the ultimate fake out.


“I already have this!!!”

He wasn’t amused.   A moment of panic ensued and the real gift was unveiled.




Whew…Order restored!

But the best was when Saige came home and he opened her gift.  She spent a lot of time wrapping it with a letter to her brother and everything.  It was sweet.




She gave him an iPod touch that she had won in a raffle.  He was so happy…the HTC that I gave him has quickly faded into the back.  Touché….

I know he had a great day overall and thanks to everyone that sent him bday messages and called.  I’m excited that he will be turning 16 in the states next year…but equally frightened.  My baby’s too big….


Is anyone else noticing the ginormous difference between him and Saige?  Sigh…

Love ya, Di

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