I have Senioritis!!! Not the kind where I don’t wanna go to school my Senior year, the kind where I don’t wanna let go of my Senior this year! Saige is turning the corner with October halfway over and the 1st quarter coming to a close. AKA, we have roughly 33 weeks until graduation…and I don’t even DO countdowns! This is serious people.

Sitting at the senior parent meeting I see the agenda is filled with the counselor speech on college, Balfour reps for rings and announcements, senior parent orgs, and graduation details! Kill me now…

As desperate as I may seem, I am super proud and excited for her. She is well on her way to achieving great things in her future. It’s not always easy raising a premature adult, even though it seems everyone has a comment on what I/we do as a parent(s). It doesn’t bother me because I’m secure in what I bring to my kids’ table…Who really has ALL the answers anyway? What I do know is Saige and I, we certainly fight and bicker and “share” clothes and dance and cuddle and eat late night movie snacks, and laugh like loons and work through obstacles and learn from each other…and I wouldn’t have missed savoring every bit of it along the way! She was our first….and our only baby girl. And now she has graduation on the horizon….sniff. Thank gawd I keep every piece of her childhood stowed away so I can look upon it when I miss her in the adult years…

Oh $hit….I’m getting Senioritis symptoms again……

PS….hug your babies all the days, the years are clocking in at light speed people!!

Love ya,


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