Birthday Spirit Week

School (for the kids and I) is officially kicking my heiny!  September is always such a crazy month and once again, I am doing everything in my life at the exact same time!  I know multitasking is not the way to go in life, but how can I survive without it?  Families like mine (and so many others) run the rat race we call life with little sleep, vats of caffeine, and a gasoline IV drip permanently attached to their vehicle.  But, the days go on and things get accomplished I guess and those that don’t, well I have zero time to dwell…I’m only human for crying out loud!  So here’s a recap of the last month…dayum it’s been a lot!

School is moving right along for the kids…open house came and went. Teage is adjusting to first grade well and I will be running the Fall Bingo event with another lady next month at his school, so that willbe fun.  JD is in the school play and Saige is managing Volleyball this Fall.  Spirit Week for homecoming was last week which almost did me in daily.  If you are on my FB you know all about it and have seen the pics…but for those that aren’t, well here you go 🙂  It’s cute on it…

Wacky Tacky – Day 1

Blast from the Past, Newsboy & Toga Girl – Day 2

Superhero vs Villains, Sailor Moon – Day 3

Superhero vs Villains, Karate Man

Geek – Day 4

Nerd Day

School Spirit – Day 5

Handmade KHS/Isla Shirts!!

Even Teage got into the spirit…Geek and spirit day all in one!!

Friday night was the game…G and I volunteered, G sold T-shirts and hot cocoa and I grilled the burgers and dogs (the irony).  It started pouring and so I left a little early since I had to go pick up JD from Hairspray rehearsals anyway.  The next day was the homecoming dance…JD’s first!  He was asked by a girl he met doing Mama Mia.  She seems sweet and really likes JD (her words, “he’s so awesome!”).  The kicker…she’s a Sophomore…baby cheetah business?…I don’t know what to think about all this.  He was nervous I could tell and tried to back out about 30 minutes before leaving, but he rallied and got dressed finally.  Saige looked gorgeous as always and wore my infamous plaid shoes that I bought two years ago and have never worn.  She did them justice.  Her friend Maggie came to the house and they got ready together.  Homecoming 2012…CHECK!

In conjunction with homecoming, it was also George’s Birthday.  This year I decided to do something special and plan a surprise party for him.  It was a Cuban/Mexican Fiesta with all his favorite foods and drinks.  Everything from Cuban sandwiches, to tinga de pollo, palomilla steak, to black beans, to cola champagne, and homemade horchata!  It was beyond yum!  Then, we had some fun and played some games….referenced from Minute to Win It (like I used for Saige’s birthday…but adult style).  It was hilarious.  I am so appreciative to everyone that came and made the day a special one for George.  He really was thankful and surprised!  Dayum,  38 is lookin’ GREAT!!

J and G…with the best shirt of the night!

Camille, Liz, & Teage. He was so precious with her…he told me, “She’s a nice baby”.

TJ getting ready to face the cookie!

Teage & Savannah….they were getting awfully close.

Theresa was out the first round…no Penny Hose for you 😉

This face the cookie business was hands down the funniest game of the night!

Without touching the ground or the bags, they must pick up various sizes with their teeth!  I see a little competitiveness flowing here…

Tony and Wayne…taking it to the limit!

Congrats O’Neal Fam! You win the Fall gift basket!!

Cake time…blowing out the candles with daddy!

He loved his golf cake…and the ’48’ we put on there, hee hee

It even had a golf cart with 22 on it…”our” number!

YAY, present time. Thx Dawn, Tony and Liz!

The card from Rhea and the gang….cute name cloud!! TY

Thx Nestors! Mojo long balls, just what he needs!!

Gracias Thuyns Familia!!

Such a cutie picture frame from the Sutherland’s…Coach Ice remains!

From Saigie…her handprint on a softball with a message to daddy! I almost cried, him too I think.

And to bring it full circle, the ICE watch from the boys and I.

I am so glad I could pull this off…thanks again for all who helped make it possible.

This week I start a new “job” writing for Germany Ja!  I am thrilled…go check out the site in its baby stage…it’s gonna be all the rave here and I am so glad they thought of me to be one of their top contributors!

Click the banner…

Thx for looking….

Xoxo, DI

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