Isla School Year ’12 – ’13

Well, the first day has come and gone.  I am officially the mom of two high schoolers and….yes, an elementary cool kid (I will most likely be gray when that cool kid graduates).  Teage started 1st grade with Ms. Richardson.

She is new to Germany (PCSing from Korea) and is beaming with enthusiasm.  I have always been one to take the “new” teachers in the school.  They are just much more spritely (this is my favorite word of the week by the way) than the dormant teachers of yesteryear.  It has successfully worked out for all three kids at some point in their educational career.  Back to the ‘spritely’ teacher…her classroom mascot is monkeys (mental note for the fabulous teacher gift she has coming her way) and each student has a monkey clip with their name on it.  The clips start out on the tall and strong “YIPPEE” tree equating to awesome behavior. If things go awry after a few redirections, things head downtown to the medium and less shiny “OOPS” tree.  This can be turned around with better choices or fixing the previous behavior…AKA there’s hope!  If things are just slipping through the cracks and no one on the planet can change your mind with how your choices are being made, what awaits is the puny and lurking tree in the shadows…the “UH-OH” tree.  I told Teage that tree was small, boring and not many friends will be hanging around that tree because it’s terribly cold in the shadows.  We’ll see how that goes…he is short after all and may like the small tree…sigh.  But, we all know Teage is too smart to fall for that shorty tree business…actually, he will continue on in the gifted program this year and has already gotten accolades from his teacher after two days…”He’s so sweet and eager”. that what we are calling it?  More like devilishly cute and know it all curious 😉

JD loved his first day as a Freshman.  We were told to bring him to his Speech therapist’s classroom and she would  give him his schedule and show him the Freshman hall. So, we went to walk with him there and he was like, “I got this”.  I’m so proud of of far he has come.  Saige made sure his hair was high school ready and away he went.  My baby Jorge is a all grown up.  Here is is schedule…

This Spanish still lingers…  This Friday is Freshman Friday, which is where all the bigger kids play pranks on the new class.  Saige said “I wish someone would”.  Hee Hee, already getting each other’s back at KHS!  Tonight he has auditions for the upcoming community theater production of Hairspray! Tomorrow he is thinking about auditioning for the school play as well…Mama Mia!!   The practice times might conflict with each other, but we hope he can do both.  We are so excited for what he is bringing to the table this year.  The world better be ready for JD…he is soaring!

Don’t the boys look so cute and handsome?  What studs I have…

Saige has officially stepped into the Senior spotlight with complete ease and strut!  She is on her crutches of course (the coolest crutches in Europe might I add) but it didn’t stop the early morning primp session that went down with her two girlfriends, Sharon and Lexus!  They were as giddy as any ‘Pink Lady’ could ever be getting ready to ‘rule the schoool’ (If you haven’t seen the movie from which I draw these references, you have no business reading this blog of mine 😉  They looked beautiful and it was bitter sweet to see Saige embark on her last first day of high school!

I have coined this friendship circle ‘Senior VIP’.  It’s much more classy than last year’s Senior Swagg tagline…don’t you think?  Saige has ‘cake’ classes this year and a road of physical therapy still ahead before she takes that captain spot on the softball team.  So much is going to happen in this short 9 months.  I mean, she already has a Senior party going on this Friday…what, do these kids just party for 9 months until graduation??  PSYCHE!  I am going to soak up every minute of her senior year with her.   Sigh, 2013…the year I let one my babies go…sniff.

George and I are such blessed parents.  Back t o school business has commenced…and my house is quiet for 7 hours a day again.  Finally, the universe is unfolding as it should!

How is everyone else managing the first part of the new school year??  Dayum, it’s almost Halloween isn’t it….?

Love ya, Di

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