Aloha Angel…

Our dearest friend Angel…

You have left his earth so young and vibrant, taking your powers of good and pure honesty with you to the Lord.  Thank you God, for allowing me to cross paths with such an amazing woman.  Angel was simply a breath of fresh air every time I came into contact with her.  Her presence lifted people’s spirits and her laugh was infectious.  I know this is why God needed her on his team when he did.  There is no one else better suited to spread joy and genuine kindness among the heavens than Angelique.  I lift you up in good faith and peace…you will forever be missed my fellow island friend.

I woke up in the middle of the night right at the time Angel passed away…I somehow knew I would before I closed my eyes last night.  Her transition to God’s hands was peaceful and calm.  I know she is home in complete bliss, surrounded by the ultimate love.  Angel touched so many people in her young 30 years…it’s amazing the effects one can have on another’s life.  These are just some examples of how that has come full circle…straight from the words of those she inspired:

“I wanted to Thank you! For many reasons really, for letting me meet you and have you to chat with, it has been a privledge. Thank you for showing me an adventerous spirit no matter what is going on. Thank you for letting me enjoy your witty sense of humor. I will forever remember you. And know that myself along with many others are so happy to have met you and had you in our lives. You are beautiful inside and out and I hope on your new adventure you know that we all will forever love you and remember you in our hearts in mind. Take Care and may God continue to watch you and keep you close.”

“Auntie Lehua I Miss You Dearly. You ALWAYS Kept Everyone On Their Toes You NEVER Gave Up On No One. I Loved How You Keep Posting Pics Just Too Keep Me Smiling && Telling Me That I Don’t Need Too Be In A Relationship. Your Our Mother Hen && Always Will Auntie Lehua.”

“My heart is heavy tonight as the world has lost a beautiful soul & we have lost a bright person in a world of gray… Angel you will be sorely missed…”

Thank you for being a great co worker and friend. You always listen and gave advice when I needed it. You always had some way to make me chuckle. I won’t forget those memories because you are truly inspirational, beautiful and big hearted person.
Rest in peace. Angel Lono”

“Always encouraging, always willing to help when you could, you kept me laughing with your unique style of sarcasm & wit, you were impressionable to every heart you touched and I among many will miss you. As we shed tears for you sudden departure, heaven is welcoming our beautiful “Angel”…… I’ll miss you!!”

“My sweet friend, Angel is now with the Lord. Though my heart is heavy with our loss, I know she is now with God’s other Angels. I am so thankful to have had this beautiful and special friend in my life. She truly made the world a better place with her loving kindness, generosity, and zest for life. Thank you Angel for being such a blessing to us all. Always in my heart!”

“God took back one of his angels today 😥 RIP Angel. We miss you already.”

“My heart is heavy… Angel fought a good fight and led a life worth writing books about. I cannot find the words…. To have known her was to feel truly blessed. God still sends His angels to live among us, I have seen proof. Rest now sweet Angel, you did well…”

“On behalf of My Ohana We want to Thank Everyone for all the love and support you guys gave Lehua (Crookedhalo Angel)! She is in heaven watching down on us. 😥 It really feels great to know that she was loved by so many and she has touched so many people around the world!! Thank you! We love you Hua and you will be missed dearly!!! ♥♥♥”

“Angel, it would seem that your story would end today, but it doesn’t. It can’t. Your life will continue to inspire all those who you love and those who love you. You made an impact across the world with your unique spirit – an ordinary woman with an extraordinary outlook on life – who found joy in the mundane, who received and gave love to ALL the people around you, who always brought a smile and a good laugh everywhere you went. Much like the Angels of the bible remind those they encountered “to be not afraid” your no fear, adventurous spirit reminds me “to be not afraid”, to live life to the fullest, to have such a positive outlook on life, to have HOPE (in hopeless places …BDE FRG’s and volunteers like me you recruited … 😉 – in yourself, in others, in God. Your life reminds me that to live in despair is to give up on hope – so I will cling to this hope. Ta ta for now, my dear friend-co-worker-volunteer extraordinaire-travel and fest buddy-My inspiration”

“Goodbye for now sweet friend, you will be missed by soooo many, but more importantly we will remember to celebrate your life! Will think of you often.”

“My sister, Angel, is home tonight. Though completely unexpected and incomprehensible, she has found perfect love at last. Thank you, Angel, for being an amazing part of my life.”

“I know this isn’t the way we imagine our goodbyes to be with the ones we love and care about. However, I still feel blessed. Thank you Lord for bringing such a beautiful soul into my life…thank you Amanda for letting me have the opportunity to tell her that. Angel, rest in peace my friend…until we meet again. Xoxo ♥”

Now I know you will be squaring away some real estate for an Oki girls reunion up there with Sheila…Jesus did turn water into wine didn’t he?  Miss you my friend…we will keep your memory alive all the days 🙂 Aloha…


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