Saige’s 17th + Summer Begins

This month is coming to a close and WOW has it been jam packed!  After the Promotion and Teage’s Party, soon it was the last day of school and the beginning of SUMMER!!  I love the cusp of Spring/Summer time.  It means uber fun with the kids during the days, pool visits, and most importantly…sleeping in.  These kids are truly taking it to the limit with summer sleep ins.  I’m not gonna lie, I enjoy them as well.  What I don’t enjoy is the reminder that we live without AC up in here.  It has been sweltering here the past few days.  I knew it was coming, but daaaang!  Let’s just say, my under boobs are not happy about it.  The really important part of mid June is that it is my girlie’s birthday.  Saige turned 17 this year and I am still trying to figure out how 16 went by so quick.  These kids get old so fast…to all my new parent friends out there, hold on to every smile, every dress up afternoon, every bedtime story, every first day of school, every snotty nose…yes, keep all those memories 🙂

We all went out to dinner with Alex and Rhea (and a couple of her friends) to celebrate on Saige’s actual birthday…her usual Chili’s request on lock.  There, we handed out her gifts and shoved a Molten Lava caked her way.  Short ‘n Sweet.

Electronic Gift Cards are the best!!

Uncle Alex always gives her a ‘gag’ gift. He picked the ugliest shirt in the PX…and it backfired this time. She loved the shirt..LOL

Yessss, zebra print iPhone speakers…thx Aunt Rhea!

MMMM, Lava Cake!

Moving on to the party…I ordered a cake that Saige expressed as her vision…red and white, zebra print, and with a softball on it.  I knew it would come out fantastic…thx again, Kaylene.  However, I couldn’t anticipate what the cake had in mind that day.

The cake…it was doing the most!!

What you don’t see is the ball because on the first turn from picking up the cake I heard the worst sound anyone could hear…THUMP!!  The ball had slid off…I had no choice but to grab it out of the box and carefully place it back.  Saige’s jaw dropped when I walked in with it, but it was still yummy yummy.  Keep it movin’ is our motto after all 😉

Those may or may not be the indentations of my fingers 😦

Back to the party…I decided to plan a Birthday Competition Extravaganza!  At first, Saige tried to challenge my party planning skills saying that she was too old for such a theme.  But I knew better, these girls are athletes for crying out loud…I steam rolled ahead and set up a Scavenger Hunt on base as well as a mini game competition, using challenges from the TV game show Minute to Win It.  It is super fun rolled up into 60 seconds.  Rhea and Alex had Teage for a sleepover since the party was full of teen games and content, thanks guys.  All the guests (JD was even included since he’s in that “teen” category) had to go against each other to win a prize.  Prizes for the MTWI were iTunes cards and consolation softball hacky sacks and stranger danger whistles.  Always trying to look out.  Here are some game videos:

After cake, we watched her open her presents.  They were so thoughtful…

Alexes and Sharon checking out the goods

Amee, Reagan, and Michelle in the audience

Lexus and Melissa holding it down for Saige

This was Amee’s gift to Saige…a softball bracelet. She gave her daughter one too so that will be connected all the days. Super SWEET!  I know it will be a treasured gift…

Don’t BLOW it all in one place! Yes, I found the idea on Pinterest…

SURPRISE…there is a pot ‘o gold at the end of the money rainbow!!

She was completely shocked to see the set of car keys at the bottom of the tissue box.  George has been saving and holding onto Grandma Maria’s car to give to Saige.  She had no idea about the car…that we had it or that it was hers.  It’s a Nissan Altima and fits Saige perfectly.  It was like some “My Super Sweet Sixteen” show moment and her face was priceless.  I was shedding a few tears for sure.  Now, when we get to FL she will be able to take her driving test with “HER” car, a gift from Grandma.

The girls then picked up on the fact that there were helium balloons about and decided to channel the Chippettes!  Watch closely, I think Saige had to pee here…

Afterwards, I had them split into 2 teams for the base scavenger hunt.  The winners received two free movie tickets each.  (My party planning skills were really in question?….psh)  It was super fun…I concocted the list and I think it came out pretty good.  See for yourself:

Saige’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt

She had a great birthday…thanks to all that came out to celebrate our Saigie Baby, er, young adult.

Thank you everyone for coming to the Birthday Competition Extravaganza!!

Being that is was the beginning of Summer, we wasted no time in getting outside with some water fun on Father’s Day…this was of course before George took off to play golf with his gift…shiny Taylor Made Irons.  The boys were having a blast and the water sprinkler was just the beginning…

Water Scare

Trampoline Splash

That’s one wild ‘n crazy sprinkler!

Don’t Look, JD!

Then, the water balloons took over!!

Hope everyone has an AWESOME SUMMER!!!

Love ya, Di

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