Movie Park Fetish

First, let me preface this post by explaining the fetish reference…our family LOVES movies.  We each have a genre we favor…G and his raunchy comedies, Teage and his family oriented human/non-human mash-ups, Saige and her inspirational teen movies, me and my “based on a true story” flicks, and JD….well, truth be told I don’t think he would turn any movie down.  The past few weeks have been full for the Isla’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having a full life…whether it be easy peasy of difficult dilemma.  The fact remains, we are full of volunteering, working, coaching, playing, entertaining, crafting, writing, cleaning, gardening, freezing, carpooling, cooking, the occasional wine glass lifting, yada yada.  I decided to make a cut in the whirlwind we call life and plan an overnighter during the end of Spring Break to Movie Park (also known as Warner Brothers Park back in the day).  We had made a decision early on in the year that we would keep it close to home and if we went anywhere it would be local (we already have Milan and hopefully a mini trip to the states planned for the Summer)…and we all know leave days + dollas don’t grow on trees, right?  So I thought it would be nice to take the kids to an amusement park a mere 3 hours away. So much that has been going on recently has been about Saige (softball, upper-classman business, etc).  JD hasn’t had a play in a little while and Teage is turning a bit bored with school I think, being smarty has it’s downfalls I guess…so I thought it would be cool to focus in on something I knew the boys would fully enjoy (and let’s be real, Saige may be “old” but she knows a good time when she sees one).  We packed up and headed out a bit early in the day so we could peruse the local area of Oberhausen which is home to the CentrO Centre…it is the largest mall in Europe and really reminds me of the ones back home.  This is where we stumbled upon the Lego Store, a real Starbucks, a Foot Locker, and one of the only two GIlly Hicks stores in the world…it’s the “Cheeky Cousin of Abercrombie + Fitch” based out of Australia.  Everybody wins at CentrO!  We capped it off with dinner along the Promenade (also a fabulous good time, think Pleasure Island strip) at a German “mexican” eatery before we settled back at our European 4 star hotel. Ahhh….

Info on CentrO and the Promenade:

The morning after, we arrived at the park early so that we could get the rides ‘in demand’ out of the way…and it was crucial…come later in the day it was almost like Disney death with the lines.  The place was kick a$$ and overall, it was a blast for each of us in our own way…when the first few months of 2012 seemed to be turning on me, it was the fetish that pulled it through!!  Moral of this story, find your fetish and SUCCUMB!

Waiting for the park gates to open...with serious intent

It’s SID!!!
Teage was in total fan mode…his faces are hilarious…and sweet!
Ready to walk in…

Photo-Bombed by Dora!

Awww, Gary!
Super cute!
My family is convinced I am totally obsessed with all things Asian…I have no idea what they are talking about!
Walking into Nickland

We're Airbending!

He’s meditating…Avatar style!
Seriously, the concentration is A LOT!

We heart Blue!

HAHAHA…Diego’s Wild Ride
STUD…all the days!

Sibling Action

Wonder Pets…DROP. LOL
Swiper no Swiping Swing
Mommy and Daddy ride
They even had an English showing…nice
The Live Action Stunt Show

Walking into Alien Encounter...Teage is most definitely not sold on the idea yet

Moment of Reflection
The Van Helsing section was scare me…I just took a photo and kept it movin’!
I went on this with G and JD, and was completely thrown for a loop…it was scary!

Shark Attack...Saige

The Santa Monica Pier Wheel! Reminds me of Oki

Peek a boo Teagie

Ship Play

He said..."get me in this"

Perfect Spot for a Perfect Girl

Infatuated with Sid

The Back to the Movies Show!! American Movie Songs, German Style

On that note, I need reiterate about the way Germans channel American pop culture…it is so cute and involves some serious belly laughing.  I can only ask that you see it for yourself…and remember to NEVER take your Disney performers for granted again 🙂



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