Springing Forward

Ahhh, the sun and the warm tone of the weather suggests only one thing…Spring is Near!!  I have so many ideas and things ahead for Spring…mainly taking Fall/Winter and eliminating all the chaos and drabness that came with it this past year.  Pinterest has helped me keep the dream alive!  I have continued to do my one craft/project a week and to my surprise, I have really missed that creative aspect in me…and I miss having a Hobby Lobby nearby but who matters.  Some people are motivated when they go to the gym, or travel, or volunteer, or go to school, or work 8-5 jobs….I am truly motivated when creating awesome things!  Anything from food, to art, to photos, to gardens, to spaces, to gifts, to home creations….I love it all.  I used to spend so much more time doing these things….for whatever reason I’m not, it’s time to get back on track.  I’ve got three projects on the burner with several other mini-time fillers to keep me on track.  I can’t wait to share them with you guys!  Until then, think about what motivates you and be your most awesome self!  Don’t get complacent in your day to day…Spring Ahead!!!

My latest Pinterest creation...family birth maps ❤

P.S. Bring it on Pinterest 😉

Thx for looking…


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