Best of the Worst – 2011

I have been waiting and wanting to get this post out all month.  I have seen so many other people blog about the wrapping of 2011 (Best Moments, Best Songs, Best Travels, Best Movies, etc).  I clearly have a list for every one of those things and have no qualms about sharing them.  So, if you wanna know, just ask…because this 2011 wrap-up consists of the best of the worst when it comes to capturing the past year.  I take a ton of pics throughput the year…A TON!  I would say that 70% of them never even leave my external drive.  Mainly because editing and uploading in Germany BUGS the crap out of me….you fast Internet users in the states have no idea how good you really have it!  I had someone from the states ask me the other day if we had fiber optic connections here…ummm, go eff yourself, really…(that’s out of love I promise, I’m just jealous)!!  Another factor is that no one I know truthfully wants to sit and scroll through 178 pics of Saige warming up for a softball game.  I mean what’s not to like about watching her play?  However, I understand that you will just sit there and click your finger raw not really looking anyway, so I merely pick a handful…it evens the sanity out and saves you time (gah, I’m so thoughtful).  Point is, I have all the pics that slip through the cracks, that don’t make the cut, that I just royally screwed up on…and NOW is the time I wanna shove them in your face!  It’s my Best of the Worst Pics in 2011 and here’s the deal, some of my peeps need to listen up now….Disclaimer, I may or may not have taken some crazy pics with you in them.  I may or may not have said that I am keeping some of these pictures to myself.  I may or may not have fibbed about doing that.  Before you start texting me and hounding me about picture approval, in my defense, I have had a NUMBER of photos thrown out there that I did not approve, ones where I looked like a zombie, a drunk, certifiably insane, totally unhealed, and even like Karen Gravano (seriously, do I look like that?).  But, I shrug my shoulders and accept the fact that I am my worst critic…no one really sees me as all those things when my pics are put out there.  Some are actually funny as hell.  So, take a moment and enjoy the ride…and feel better knowing that I actually took these awful pictures…I need to step up my photography game!! (P.S. No editing was applied to these..they’re as raw as you can get)

This screams hilarity….in more ways than one

My husband gut punching my daughter?…disturbing, yes! (he was totally photo bombing me and faked her out…don’t call CPS)

There are several things wrong here, the neon turban, the earpiece, the cropped legs…

When bad lighting, a camera phone, and last minute prep does a GREAT photo totally WRONG! Sigh…

hee hee hee…she’s gonna be mad about it

Can they look any more pained?

Yes that’s a toilet, yes he looks like he’s peeing, and yes it looks like it’s burning…we were on the 9th hole at an indoor mini golf course for crying out loud and he was grossed out by the props!!

Wait for it…. 😉

When a good fence line shot goes wrong because someone wants to be shy!

This is funny, the one golden egg and they both saw it at the same time…by the look on Teage’s face, you can tell which one snatched first!

Awww, she was working it…he was working her ear instead!

Hand gestures in candid pics can say so much….

I have a feeling I could pretty much count three things that this face was probably meant for…I was there after all! HAHAHA

Secret Lovers, that’s what we are…seriously, nobody can stage that closeness on a “love seat”!

I used this one because this is what half of my pics with Saige and her brothers looks like…her regulating something!!

Pretty sure you can limbo flat on the ground.

OK, so this one is crazy because my birthday boy is about to eat it…

This is one is crazy because these kids don’t know a good time when it’s given to them, geez lighten up and put on a smile…LOL

Alese, you make this shot, girl!

Mark watch out…JD is morphing!

GJ will save you!!

George and his photo bombing…it’s a sickness!

hahaha, not sure what Jesse was doing…but he obviously didn’t realize I was ready to snap!

This a typical shot of JD whenever we go somewhere he’s not interested. I have about 100 of them…


I also have about 100 pics of Camille, eyes closed!

Ahem, Harley that is inappropriate!

This is beyond hilarious….and totally came out looking worse than it was. I can’t stop laughing…

This is just wrong…the strangling…the man hand forcing them into angst-ville!

Self portraits are just funny….

I’m mad about it…the setting on the camera was shifted accidentally and I had one shot of JD crossing the stage to get his honor roll award…this is now our memory!

She didn’t see me looking until right when I snapped…these kids! hee hee

This is the one picture I didn’t take….but it’s only fair, when a 4 year old slow dances and grabs your butt….priceless!

This would have been a good one…sigh

I also have about 100 of these types of shots of Teage…he always gives me something to work for!

Worst pic of 2011!! Hands down…blech!!!

Whew…that was a good laugh! Thanks for looking…

Love ya,


2 thoughts on “Best of the Worst – 2011

  1. OMFG! That was the BEST effing post ever. but you owe me SOMETHING for posting that picture of my ass crack when you swore you never would! Fired! hahahahaha

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