To Volunteer or Not…

Most of you already know that I am an avid volunteer under many different organizations.  My track record shows success in every avenue I have approached.  The majority of my time, I willingly give towards the Army and the schools.  I choose this path of service due to two reasons.  For one, I want to contribute to my livelihood and secondly, I am adamant about being a more active and available parent than not.  It is MY choice.  I am lucky to have such a choice, but it is still mine and one I would never change.  So when I volunteer for something, I put my best efforts and resources into the task at hand…however, the minute my family needs me, it takes a quick second.  Does that mean that I lack a good, quality work ethic?  Definitely not.  It is about the choice I made and the understanding that goes with that.  I never look at my situation as a volunteer like, “Well, they don’t pay me”.  That is already obvious.  While I feel badly about having to “call in” when my family needs me instead, I do not feel like I should be treated unfavorably when the situation arises.  Again, I say….This is my choice.  Two days ago I was extended an offer for a “paying” job.  A job that I have done for years without pay.   I am struggling about going back to work because my choice still remains strong.   I have plenty of years to work…but only a limited time of availability for my family when they might need me most.  The pros and cons are equally overbearing to think about, but I feel like I need to stick by my guns.  Once again, I feel I am having to choose between a career and my family…of which there is no comparison for me right now in my life.  Hmmmm……


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