Photo Challenge 11 & 12

I know I know…I am horrible at keepin’ up with dailies!!  I think this is the beauty and repercussion of being a SAHM and the only advocate for your own self-motivation.  Not being held to daily deadlines gives me the opportunity to procrastinate (which can be fun), but I also like to look at it as an opportunity to take the time and do things right the first time.  😉

Anyway, Challenge 1 1  was “Landscape”.  In Germany there are so many places to shoot a landscape.  As a matter of fact, I have several photos in my gallery that are just that.  But since I refuse to use any old shots, I decided to snap a piece of everyday landscape that is typically overlooked.  Wildflowers and weeds are part of our daily landscape which registers mostly as a PITA…but, hunkering down, at eye level, looking through the tips of these outcasts can really be beautiful.  See for yourselves…

Landscape Challenge – “Wild and Free”

Challenge 12 was the Portrait assignment.  I toyed with doing a self-portrait…but I’m so critical when it comes to my photos as it is, let alone one of me.  I find myself wrestling with how I can insta-thin my boobs and add a sunless tan.  So I usually steer clear from driving the crazy bus and  focus on others.  This time I had planned on taking a shot of my niece, bc I am always cornering my kids to perform like monkeys and they’ve had enough!!  After I took a couple random shots (the sun was not cooperating from where I was sitting), my attention was turned to the pup Harley.  Harley is very statuesque.  Her confidence is not only prevalent, but it is what photographers need to push portrait photos over the edge.  So, there she was…sitting there not blinking an eye as I snapped.  She knew what I was doing and gave me all she had.  Thx Harley for being the perfect model!!

Portrait Challenge – “Pup Perfection”

Until 13…


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