Photo Challenge #9

I had so many things I could have shot for this subject.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pop Culture!!  Everything about it….everyone in it.  My first thought was imagining myself on a gritty Chicago street shooting Madonna…it could happen 😉  Then I came back  to reality and realized that the closest I was going to get was taking a picture of a picture.  Immediately after that thought, I light-bulbed on the reality that I spend about 10% (if not more) of my life reading tabloids.  I know it’s a sickness…but sometimes people need that politically correct heroin in their lives (admitting it is half the battle, right?).  Anyway, the stacks of mags in my house are a common staple…especially when it comes to trashy tabs.  Here are the most recent to hit my side table…

Pop Culture Challenge – “Tabloid Affair”

If Steve Jobs doesn’t help define what Pop Culture is…I don’t who does.



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