Photo Challenge 3

Day three of the challenge and with “Lunch” being the topic, I guess I could have really made something fancy and shot it or taken this as an opportunity to go somewhere I typically enjoy an awesome $30 lunch.  However, the elementary school was out today.  So Teage and I were enjoying the day together…(what I mean to say is Teage was pretty much dictating our day).  Sounds about right.  Burger King it is!  Anyway, lunch with him is always a riot.  He told some random kid that he was in 6th grade and another woman that he had lots and lots of money in his wallet (which isn’t as lie…$7 is like $700 to a 5 year old).  Sigh, he always amuses.  If this doesn’t scream a good time…I don’t know what does!

Lunch Challenge – “The Kaang is here”

Love ya,


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