Photo Challenge 1

Today I started a 31 day photo challenge.  I have spent so much of my time over the past year doing for others, and I decided that I needed something of MINE to come back to me.  Photography is something I love to do, and want to keep learning about and doing as long as I can.  SO to get my motivation back and to push myself to dig deep on this passion of mine, each day I am going to take a photo that is on my list.  The list consists of a single word for each..interpretation is up to me.  Let’s get started…

Today’s word…STREET!!

On my walk to pick up Teage, I shot the familiar double arrows at the back entrance of the school.  Our streets here have always been something I admired…the pavers rather than the usual concrete and asphalt.  The tiny peep of Autumn leaves don’t hurt either 🙂

Street Challenge – “This Way”

Thx for looking…


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