Happy Halloween 2011

I hope everyone has enjoyed October…because it is walking out the door!  Another month closer in wrapping up 2011…WOW it has flown by.  October is usually my favorite month of year, I LOVE Halloween and the appearance of Autumn always perks me up from the sweaty months before it.  This year was a weird one….peaks and valleys…such is life.  However, packed with a murder mystery, a Fall fest, and a spooky Halloween play to boot allowed me to really get my a$$ up the peaks 🙂

I also had the annual AFAP conference this month and that was more than A LOT!  I facilitated a group this year…and by the end I had walked away with another great experience to list on my resume.  Youth and Education was our topic and we whipped out three impressive issues (insert Teen Club, more Part Day Preschools, and Middle School sports).

Teage had his first Fall Fest in “real” school and it was so cute.  To see him in action was a breath of fresh air.  It was my first time volunteering on the classroom…Mrs Mendoza likes to bring parents in the fold around Fall fest time so that the kids have enough time to adjust to the class rules and don’t get all clingy.  She obviously wasn’t talking about Teage.  He would much rather show off in front of me, than hug me.  I was in charge of the spooky necklace center and the kids worked those fine motor skills like nobody’s business!

Pre-fest game of Hot Potato!

Making a pattern necklace

Spider cupcakes are where it’s at!

JD had also been feverishly rehearsing for his school play!  It was cute and JD did the best by far.  Seriously, I’m not just saying that b/c he’s my boy.  The expressions that boy can do with his face is amazing.  He played Ted, the “normal” guy visiting Frankenstein’s home.  Afterwards, the cast and crew broke it down to Thriller…go JD!

JD aka “Ted” in Frankenstein Slept Here

We also went to  Murder Mystery Party in Wiesbaden….the party itself was super fun.  I wanna do one of these in the future…

Murder Mystery hosts…Aviaries watch out!

Alice and the Mad Hatter

Nestor Fo Liv! 🙂

We had a party scheduled, but cancelled due to personal reasons….which is totally not publicly blog worthy, so we had a fam bam dinner with the Alex, Rhea and the kids instead and did some crafts.  It was relaxing and much needed after that conference finally wrapped.

Hmmm…where did the kids go?

The next day, we all spent all of Sunday carving pumpkins…which was super fun.  The kids enjoy getting creative as do I!!  George did the intricate carvings…he’s such a perfectionist. But they came out awesome!

Pumpkin painting rocks!

Batman and Scarecrow

A cookie cutter as a jack o lantern tool is so awesome and fast!

P.S. two of these were smashed on our doorstep Saturday night :/  Hence the TRICK!

Scaredy Cat…good job G!

People that know that about me know that I go ALL out when I decorate.  This year was no exception (and with the years whizzing by, I always manage to collect more and more”crap”).  I cannot wait to have the large yard I envision in my future so I can really set this thing off!!  But no matter where I am…I have to create and cook my arse off, Halloween style!

Part of the front yard, it’s getting crowded!

Brownie popsicles…mmmm

Antipasto Kabobs are the bomb!

Hairy Dogs!

Jalapeno Boats


Torture chamber!

Cauldron of Halloweeny drinks

I heart decorating!

Teage’s Halloween crafts

The mice that live under the stairs

Great job on the back girls!

Witches grave

Bar decor!

Eerie vase

Homemade tutu wreath

Trick or treating went off without a hitch and my favorite part is seeing all the costumes 🙂

Plastic Housewife and the Surgeon from Hades!

Go Spidey!

Love Bugs

Scorpion…get over here!

Night jumping

Photo ops with the May Fam

Isla Familia!

The only pic of JD in his costume (he refused to participate for some reason)…btw, he was a ninja :o)

It’s candy time!

Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous Halloween…from our home to yours!

Love ya and thx for looking…


3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2011

  1. Now THAT was a blog and a half! Whew, I had to save a couple of those pics to my iPhoto Library. Wowsa. You go girl! Thanks for the read and for the totally crazy October. 😉 On to November!

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