Falling for everythang!

Ahh, the days of Fall are upon us finally and it’s just like I fondly remember…the brisk weather, the leaves whipping through the streets, the smell of my chili, the crystalized dew on my car window, pumpkins pumpkins everywhere, fests galore, the beginning of theater season, Hispanics celebrating their heritage, and homecoming of course.

We have had a busy start to Fall and it’s not slowing down anytime soon, I’m sure of it.  We ventured out to our first fest of the season here and it happens to be the largest wine fest in Germany…imagine that (actually I didn’t have a single glass since I was the DD…but it smelled lovely).  The Bad Durkheim Wurstmarkt occurs each September and offers up a total state fair atmosphere.  Most local fests that we go to are puny in comparison, but this one is off every chain when it comes to shopping, food, and rides.  Who knew the Germans knew anything about the Himalaya and the Round-up.  Anyway, flanked alongside the fest are acres of vineyards…which are my absolute favorite to look at.  Lush with fabulous color and symmetry, the vineyards are my friend.  I remember walking through them in Bad Kreuznach when I was 9 months pregnant with JD almost 14 years ago, WOW.  They still take my breath away.

Teage was pretending like he wasn’t scared to be up on the biggest ferris wheel…what you don’t see is him squeezing the life out of my hand 🙂

A lil German house tucked in the vineyards.

In other news, JD wrapped up 101 Dalmatians and the production was entered into the One Act Festival in Heidelberg.  The play won a total of 7 awards, which garnered JD a certificate and a coin!  He is currently rehearsing for the school play, “Frankenstein Slept Here” which will be in a couple weeks and this week, he auditioned for the next community play, “A Christmas Carol”.  We will find out the cast list over the weekend.  He has obviously found his passion and I want to help him follow his dreams…as any parent would.  So, I am going to start scoping out casting calls on the east coast and in New York and will probably start hopping over to the states after the new year to get him the experience that will put him on the track he needs to succeed.  I’m so excited to witness his journey to stardom 😉  This kid has definitely got the goods…

Homecoming was last week, which is nothing short of some stress, fun, dressing up, football, sleepovers, and boys with agendas.  Saige was asked by this boy who is straight up wooing her, gah.  Uncomfortable as it will always be to think of Saige and boys and dating, my baby girl is growing up before our eyes with every day that passes.  A year from now, I can already picture myself repeatedly saying,”This is your last homecoming dance…your last spirit week…your last softball season…your last Christmas at home…”, it is going to be super emotional and super exciting at the same time.  All the hard work will be put to the test after HS and I can’t wait to watch her tackle the world.  I just wish it wasn’t happening at lightening speed.  Check out our gorgeous upper classman…

Wacky Tacky Day

Blast from the Past – 80’s

She makes Geek Day Chic Day!!

G-Pa got to send her off…what a memory!

His little girl isn’t so little anymore…

Our angel ❤

Saige has also been working and practicing for over a month on her performance in the Hispanic Heritage Celebration on base.  It was today and she was in several portions of the show.  She even did a slideshow presentation on Cuba in partial Spanish.  I know Maria is looking upon her and very proud at how important the heritage is to her.  She really embraces the Latina culture as Maria did.  Here’s one of the dances she did to the song “Danza Kurudo”.  She is the one on the far left wearing a red shirt.  I wanted to get up there with her so bad…

Next up this month, we are hosting the Isla Halloween Spooktacular event at our home.  It’s gonna be a good time and I wish all my fam and friends around the world could throw on their best costumes and join us.  I guess I’ll have to blog about it instead…until next time!!

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