101 Reasons September Blazed Passed Us

I could probably come up with 1,001 reasons, September was A LOT!  But here are a few:

~ Labor Day…George was gone to Italy, we celebrated a family friend’s birthday, and an emotionally draining weekend overall

~ Teage started Kindergarten…and showed everyone in school who was the real fashion forward kid in KES

~ 3 Open Houses on three separate days

~ Trainings and briefs galore!

~ Family trip to Bad Durkheim Wine Fest

~ 9/11 commemorations

~ Halloween Party planning…STOKED!

~ Day Trips gone wrong and then so right

~ Ongoing battle with Tricare about achieving Faschiitis freedom that ended with a needle entering my foot for 30 seconds of torture

~ Hispanic Heritage takeover

~ Birthday Bonanza…<3 George + G-Pa + Camille

~ Dalmatian Plantation Sensation!!

What a whirlwind already, and it’s still not over. G-Pa arrives this week and everyone is excited to see him.  The highlight for our fam this month has been JD’s performance in 101 Dalmatians here at KMC Onstage.  I couldn’t be more proud of him and excited as we watch him grow into such a seasoned performer.  He takes this gig seriously and wants to do it “forever” he says.  This was a small one-act but it was super cute and perfect for such a busy time of year.  Complete with a puppy pit in front of the stage, we ventured out on two separate nights to see the show.  He was amazing and afterwards all the kids got to come up and take a picture with the cast.  He even signed a few autographs :o)  Check out the pics of my STAR in some OJT!!!

Setting the Stage

Getting into character!

Excited about puppies…lol

Camille n Cruella

Encore, Encore!

For all that came out to support JD and the arts…Thank You!  Next up, Frankenstein Slept Here….stay tuned!

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