The Nutshell that I Call: Florida Summer 2011

This being the first day of school for the kids here, the pressure was on to finally get these photos done and blog about our Summer vacay…sorry to make you wait.

Who knew Summer would come and go so fast?  Before I could say “BEACH”, Summer had arrived and we were already tooling around South FL soaking up the….SWEAT!  Holy hell it’s painfully hot in West palm.  I had forgotten how sticky icky my boob cleavage could really get.  No wonder I grew up with the A/C cranked at 65 degrees…who could stand the humidity?  This girl can’t!  Porchtime turned into perspiration time and truth be told….I loved every minute of it.  Seeing my familia this go ’round was nothing short of fabulous!!  It was the first time all the grand kids had gotten together in one place (what a Popo milestone) and I got to spread my Aunt Diane kisses, hugs, and EVERYTHANG I had been longing to do for years.  So, while I go over the checklist of what we had planned vs. what we did…check out the fab photos of this awesome ‘Crichfield’ bunch!!

Getting GJ to look like Tom Cruise…CHECK!

Roping my beautiiful niece into glamming it up…CHECK!

Roping Kasen into looking directly at me, somewhat :o) …CHECK!

Trying on every hat at Downtown Disney…CHECK!

Getting Marky to man the ship…CHECK!

Letting Leila misguide Marky…CHECK!

Making shark tooth bracelets/necklaces at Olde Key West…CHECK!

Painting your nail yellow because you are secretly a pirate who holds shark teeth…CHECK!

Concussions by way of sword balloon…CHECK!

Making Goofy feel well, Goofy….CHECK!

Pissing off everyone for a forced grandkid picture…CHECK!

Fighting to be the taller sibling…CHECK!

The 5 all together with “Ma”…CHECK!!

Dominating Wolfgang Puck…CHECK!

Cubans meeting relative Cubans at a Cuban restaurant…CHECK!

Putting kids to work on the Fourth…CHECK!

Realizing that you really ARE the misplaced sibling…CHECK!

Getting these two in a pic together for the first time ever…CHECK!

Seeing for myself what I knew all along, Starr is definitely an extrovert…CHECK!

Making sure boogers don’t get in the pool, by the cutest lil girl with the cutest lil laugh…CHECK!

Hugging my Stacy, aka Britney Spears …CHECK!

Shoving Americana cake down every orifice…CHECK!

Fourth on Flagler

Parental karma…CHECK!

Capturing my three favorite girlies…CHECK!

Three little divas sittin’ on a hill….CHECK!

Getting Teage and Brenna to UNITE…CHECK!!

Photo stealing a shot of these gorgeous cousins…CHECK!

Getting my favorite shot on the water…CHECK!!

Bum Rushing a Stormtrooper….CHECK!!

Catching my boys in pure bliss…CHECK!

Seeing how far my sister and her angels have come…CHECK!!

Remembering the solid foundation of my my sister’s life…CHECK!!

Making a girl’s day by taking them to see Hot Chelle Rae…CHECK!

Forcing a few other’s to see Hot Chelle Rae…CHECK!!!

Making sure we leave our mark on this once-in-a-lifetime vacation….CHECK!!

Obvioulsy, we had more that went on this summer besides our trip to FL…but this was near and dear to my heart because it brought us all together again….and it was all that I expected and MORE!  I love you My Ohana!!!

Thx for looking,


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