Forever my Aunt Julie

I have had this lingering guilt about not blogging since I have been back from FL…mostly because I have so many pics to go through. But I was reminded today that sharing how I feel about what goes on in my life doesn’t require editing or even photos. Today I was reminded that there are no limitations when it comes to talking about the ones you love.

My Aunt Julie has gone to heaven and what I know is that God just received one of the best angels on his team. I grew up with my Aunt calling me her Wood Elf and telling me (as early as age 6) that I was going to be something fantastic in this world. She made me feel loved every time I saw her and her smile lit up our faces as my siblings and cousins would gather at her feet to hear stories about our parents and ancestors. It was through her that I learned I was part Indian and related to Jim Bowie of the famous “Bowie Knife”. It was through her that stemmed my confidence in being a cheerleader…with her being a fabulous majorette in her heyday. She had the most incredible and eclectic snow globe collections in the world. Us kids would spend hours just staring into them. She introduced me to shag carpet….that I now have in half of my house and where I get my carpet addiction from. She would also videotape every TV episode and movie she could…her house was the video store when there was no Blockbuster.  It was also the house that I learned that drinking out of the hose wasn’t that bad. Her garage was our gateway to exploration and imagination. This is also where I learned how moody cats could be…her’s was named Spooky and “for a reason”, she would tell us. We would listen to Patsy Cline on her record player while everyone would sing along…old and young. She hosted Christmas EVERY year that I lived with my parents and still to this day remains a sacred and valued topic of discussion amongst my generation of family members. Aunt Julie was the center of our family. When her son (my cousin Van) passed away, I knew she had changed inside…she grew more somber. He was her light, her joy. Comforting me throughout this sadness is that I know that now she is with him and creating our own place in heaven…Aunt Julie’s house will be waiting for us once again.

I always wanted to be close to her whenever we were with them...

Here’s to Julie Lowery…and what she gave us all: Unconditional love and a place to always call home, her heart.  I wish I could wrap my arms around my whole family at this moment…they all know exactly how each other feels right now and we all have so much of the same memories.  While my heart feels a place of emptiness today…my heart goes out my Uncle Fred….who gave her a solid place of comfort and love for so many years.  He adored her, all her family and is now alone.  Pray for him and his heart as I will.  I also pray that my Grandmommie will be able to take the news.  Aunt Julie will be there to help her once she is ready to make the trip to heaven…and with that said, there isn’t anyone else up there I would rather be my guide.  We miss you and love you so much…Rest In Peace.  7/23/2011….

She was amazing....


Your Wood Elf

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