Monday Mortal = Mob Wives Mania

Oh my LAWD! 

I have nothing to say except where have these Mob Wives been all my life??  My SIL just wrote a post about the whole mob wife vs. military wife here.  There really are some similarities.  The show is super intense and several times while watching I’ve had to push my jaw back up to my mouth. 

The mortal lowdown…

Renee is the resident “down ass bitch”.  She is like some kind of 41 year old mob royal princess, delusionally speaking. Mob link: Dad’s part of the Bonanno crime family and incarcerated. 

Drita is the vein popping, over compensating, Albanian that will knock your block off if you wear red on Thursday.  Mob Link: Husband is part of the Springville Boys Gang and a serial bank robber…you guessed it, he is also in prison. 

Carla is a wife and mom to the mafia lifestyle, with one foot out the door.  The way I see it, she will lend her affiliation if it means a new fur coat is on the horizon.  Mob link: Husband stole over 17 million dollars from senior citizens in a con and….he’s incarcerated. 

Last up is Karen…she is the flip flopper.  Once a mafia princess, her dad ratted and sent her into hiding.  She is returning to NY to write a book about all the crazy BS this show barely touches on.  Mob link: Dad, Sammy the Bull is one of the most infamous rats in mob history…being a rat means you still go to, wait for it…prison. 

This show is guilty pleasure with a capital GP!!  Bump Shaunie & Evelyn with their minions on Basketball Wives, this has far surpassed! 

Great, now I feel like I need to hit up a casino or something…

Catch up with the show on VH1..only 3 epis in!!  You will NOT be disappointed!

Love ya,


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