Ring my Spring

This has been the most fulfilling Spring in Germany so far…weather wise, activity wise, er…allergy wise, etc.  This time last year I was still freezing my butt off at the softball fields, but I could still breathe through my nose.  Actually it is effecting the men in my house more than us two superwomen…just sayin.  However, it has been hella-nice here this season and I cannot complain.  Everyone is outside doing the yard, riding bikes, drinking wine….ok maybe that’s just my house.

Anyway, take a gander into our Springtime Fun so far…Isla style:

One of the more exciting things to go down was the Family’s Volunteer Service ceremony.  It is a National Award that includes a category based pin, certificate, and letter from Obama.  I was super stoked for us to get this together.  It was definitely an Isla laced event!!

Saige and her Silver Award for AFAP!

George and his Silver...for Coaching Softball and Captain AFAP!

JD and his Gold....for Beauty and the Beast!

Me and my Call to Service Award....over 4,000 hours!

Fam Bam Fun with Friends!!

Springy BBQ

GST Sports

T-Ball Warm-up


Pre-Batting fatherly advice...

Slushie Slugger

First Base Stance

Run Run Run!

Taking his first lead-off...


Playing shortstop

Sissy Help

KHS vs Bitburg...WINNING! Lead-off baby...

Saige at second

All the days 6...


Easter 2011

Basket Time

Let's Dye Eggs!

Senor Isla's

Time to Hunt...

Oooo the golden egg...

Happy Easter...Love, all the Isla's!

Thx for looking,


3 thoughts on “Ring my Spring

  1. WHEW, girl, That was a lot of pics. The one with me mid chew…yeah. But, look how long my hair looks! OMG, Camille with the straight hair! Loves them all. ❤

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