High School Reunion?


I am stunned that by this time next year, I will most likely be wavering on what to wear to my 20 Year High School Reunion!!  I never went to my 10 year one.  Seriously, the time has just flown by…It was just yesterday that I was walking out to the quad of Palm Beach Lakes HS between classes to see my friends, standing in line at the payphones to call the ones who stayed home that day, getting that plastic bagged cheeseburger at lunch, ruffling Mr. Miller’s feathers in the hall after he tried to make us walk faster to class, getting thrown up in the air by some not-so-reliable fellow cheerleaders (even if it was an accident they dropped me on my head during a game), hitting Singer Island to play beach volleyball instead of dealing with Del’Orfano, scrubbing shaving cream out of every orifice of my body after the powder-puff game, driving the blue “Lub Machine” to school with about 7 people in the back, walking across the street to Subway before practice, coming to school the last day of my senior year in no shape to do anything but take pictures and spend the day with some of the greatest friends ever…and lastly, eyeball George everyday in the hall during our “best friend” years :o)  Times may change…but good times are always good times, no matter the decade.

1992 was a bomb year…gas was a buck 05, Ross Perot was trying to do something and Clinton was definitely doing someone, Hurricane Andrew tried to jack up my first year of college, the first Nicotene patch was created, the first videophone was sold…for $1499.00, some of the best flicks came out…Bodyguard, Few Good Men, Basic Instinct, Wayne’s World, and Aladdin, plus the famous tagline that is now a staple in my home…”There’s no crying in baseball!”, the grunge music genre was all the rave in 92…Pearl Jam and Nirvana along with a dash of Boyz II Men and Mariah, not to mention Miley Cyrus was born this year,  Andre Agassi was relevant with his Wimbledon win, the Super Soaker and Trolls Dolls took over the Holiday shopping market, and no one can forget Marissa Tomei’s Oscar win for My Cousin Vinny…did I mention I still have a major crush on Ralph Macchio?…DWTS always brings on the nostalgia for me.

Either way…1992 was nothing but a good time!!  Things were so much easier then, and I felt the freest I had ever felt that year.  I am just hoping that when I do get to my HS reunion…with my classmate George in tow, that it lives up to the same hype it gave me way back when.  Seeing so many familiar faces will be fabulous.  Let’s just hope they don’t all act and look crazy…you know how people like to perpetrate on Facebook…LOL :o)

No ’92 post is worthy without some old school photos…

Senior Photo

How I rolled...

Black and Blue…’92…Holla!!

Thx for looking 🙂

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