T-Ball, Flanked with Softball and a Karate Chop

These days, my life consists of driving my three to their extra-curriculars…gotta love Spring!!

Actually, I do!  There’s nothing like a gorgeous day to play sports and ride your bike to play sports (I need to work this into replacing some of this carpooling detail, hmmmm).  Anyway, the lowdown:

Saige is in full swing with HS softball.  She is playing second base and already one of the most consistent players on the team.  Despite a ball to the face that gave her two black eyes early on in practice.  She has really come out of her shell with playing infield.  I know it has a lot to do with George taking a position as active Coach for the HS team.  He is really teaching these girls the game and I couldn’t be more ecstatic…well, not dragging dirt in the house with your nasty cleats would make me a little more ecstatic…but who’s keeping tally?!  Her first local game was last weekend (I missed the one in England)…and she got the “game ball” for the second game from the Head Coach for playing so well.  What is not to like about this photo….

Like father, like daughter...."What's the Sign?"

This week was also team photo week.  G took our camera and got some good shots…

The new and exciting event this week consisted of the boys and their accomplishments in sports….1st off, Teage started T-Ball!!  He is has been waiting feverishly to do what “sissy and daddy do”.  He is gonna be a natural and walked straight up to  the tee before practice even started and whacked theball….The adults were like “Wow…what a hit”.  This is gonna be a great season…not only because he is good…but because he is 100% entertainment.  See for yourself:

He wanted to use another kid's bat instead of the $50 bat his dad got for him!

This is what he decided to do with 'his' bat....sigh

This happens a lot in T-Ball...always waiting for the next kid to bat

Fielding time...

Fielding 101...the alligator chomp!

Classic...Base Dancing!

Saige is #6, her daddy's number. Teage is #13, his momma's number. Go METS!!

2nd off…JD had an awesome week as well.  He has been in karate for about a month or so.  And he tested this week for his second belt.  You’re looking at the the newest Yellow Belt!!  Go JD…I’m so glad he likes doing it….and as with all my kids, he’s another major perfectionist when it comes to doing the best!!  Check out this stance:

Before the test...

Upper Block

Horse Stance

Left Down Block

Spar Time...

Master Jorge giving Jorge-san his belt.

JD Isla...Yellow Belt!

There should be more exciting things coming our way with Spring Break happening this week 🙂

WOOT…thx for looking!!


4 thoughts on “T-Ball, Flanked with Softball and a Karate Chop

  1. So happy for all your amazing kiddos! Watching Teagie play t-ball would be such a blast! Good job momma for keeping such a wonderful fam bam moving forward! love ya

  2. OMG I LOVE it!! such a talented bunch you have 😉 i love Teage’s face while hes riding his bat LOL I cant wait to see you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fantastic kids don’t just happen, they are taught and nurtured by fantastic parents. What a spectacular reflection of you and George and all the love and hard work you put into raising such outstanding kids. Way to go Isla Fam Bam!!!!

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